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Excellent Soviet soldier corporal Zbruev

Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>””Seven brides corporal zbrueva” is a great movie about the complete jerk.” The so-called new post” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”>Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”>zina_korzina about one Soviet Comedy 1970. Zina often writes interesting articles with analysis of certain psychological conflicts known Soviet films. Something I happen to agree with something there. But in this case wholly by cash. To paraphrase Nietzsche, I say, “I never had a chance to read anything, and I am to such a degree said to myself, “no” – the phrase by phrase, conclusion the conclusion – like this article: but without any malice and impatience”. View Zina interesting, but in this case absolutely wrong. All because she wittingly or unwittingly invented a Union in a vacuum, consisting of youthful memories the Gorbachev period (solid flavored with Western loans), and the study of semi-official Soviet art, for the most part completely false. But because when you look at authentic Brezhnev’s Soviet Union she feels. But “Seven brides corporal zbrueva” is such a hilarious mockery of Brezhnev’s Shovel. There, each frame is epic. But let’s order.

To begin with. Any analysis of works of art require you to read at least in General terms, a biography of who this piece was created. To understand what I wanted to say to the author. Very often the author told not only what to read immediately at first glance. And then there are no secrets. The movie “Seven brides corporal zbrueva” was removed in the 1970’s a great Director Vitaly Melnikov. Of all of his biography is enough to know only one fact to correctly perceive his works. And the fact that this is 30 years his parents were arrested and went into exile. In exile and grew up Vitaly Melnikov. Anyone who has experienced this, will keep forever in his heart the hatred of the Communists and their system. While most often this hatred that already burned, such a person will try its best to hide, sometimes even giving hatred for the love of the Soviet regime.

But maybe in the case of Vitaly Melnikov’s not? Maybe he was a singer of communism, making films about Lenin and the like officious-Communist stuff? Learn.

As a Director Melnikov made his debut in the 1964 short film “Watchdog visiting Bobby.” A movie about two dogs. Nothing special. One dog lives in a leaky shack, but free, and the other in a warm apartment with his grandfather, a sadist who easily resorts to a stick to call his dog to order.

Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев
A scene from the movie “Watchdog visiting Bobby” (1964).

In fact, allusions to a Soviet concentration camp so obvious that even chew it makes no sense. But this is a short film that few people noticed.

Next film Melnikov was a magnificent Comedy “the Chief of Chukotka” (1966) with the young Mikhail Kononov (Alexei Bychkov) and venerable Alexei Gribov (Timofey Ivanovich Temples) in the lead roles. Now, it seems, the film is completely in the stream of praise the Soviet regime. The years of Civil war. A young Komsomolets Alexei Bychkov accidentally becomes the only representative of Soviet power on the Eastern edge of the country. It seems that there would have to honor the heroes of the Komsomol, the Soviet government, etc. But the film is very unusual. In fact, he Steers involved in the organization of the fur trade with the Americans and other capitalists and with them charging duty in foreign currency. Unexpected Komsomolets-enthusiast business. He then with all collected fee in the amount of one million dollars falls (not by choice) in the USA. But, like a true Leninist, does not spend a penny there, and in a roundabout way returned to Soviet Russia. Where the entire million dollars he successfully steal homeless (though they catch the brave security officers). The finale of the film is rather sad – Alexei Bychkov returns to Chukotka without dollars. His dreams to make it local communism aside. And the particular sadness of this final gives what and Director Vitaly Melnikov, and other viewers of the older generation (well, of course you and me) know what in 1937 with a former young Communist, who, with a million dollars in a strange way sailed in the United States, and then strangely came back. Yes… It is not anti-Soviet film, no. But this film, filled with sadness that the dream of communism was only a dream, but dreamers have shot on the range with a mocking name of “Kommunarka” .

After “the Chief of Chukotka” Melnikov takes “Mama got married” (1969). There is no communism. Just a tragicomedy of throwing young men Boris Golubev (played by the also very young Nicholas burljaeva), who is forced to live with his mother in a Studio apartment. Here they are – the charm of a Scoop. When Mature young man forced to live in one room with his mother (Lucien Ovchinnikov). And then there’s mom falls in love with the driver of the grader Victor, who loves to pour over collar with buddies. It plays great Oleg Efremov. Now they live in the small three. Mother with driver Victor and Boris behind the cupboard to the wall which is attached a portrait of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Here it is, the Soviet reality “all were given apartments.” Boris nerves do not stand up and it is running. Great atmospheric film shows the unvarnished bleak Soviet city. Although the city of Leningrad, Melnikov it looks like it is time to hang. Or, as Boris, escape somewhere far away.

Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев
Shot from a film “Mum has married” (1969).

Great movie. However, like most movies Melnikov. “The eldest son” and “Holidays in September” – this is also Melnikov. His signature style of showing the Scoop without any varnishing. Movies, full of depression, autumn weather and oblepicha walls of houses or block of dreary nine-story. Soviet Union as it was, not as it was written in the paintings of the honored opportunists of the Union of artists.

Housing – “great housing free of the Soviet” Melnikov is generally paid much attention. For example, in the film, “Xenia, beloved wife of Theodore” (1974) the main characters of “husband and wife for fifteen years was wound on the construction sites and expect their own homes.” It’s like there. This is probably because they were stupid people. But if they were smart and listened to the advice of contemporary Witnesses of a Great Past, those they would have immediately explained that housing them was initiated immediately, well a maximum year. And in General, “nothing in the USSR was not the only one who your ass off the couch is not torn”. But Director Victor Melnikov already in 1974 made a film about those who ass on the couch still torn, so torn – wound construction projects across the country. And all for the sake of the apartment.

“Seven brides corporal zbrueva” – a film of a completely different plan. It is sun-drenched. There are very few evening shots. Sun, smiles, happy silly daring characters. This is the third feature film by Vitaly Melnikov. And probably the most uncharacteristic film on the level of injection of optimism. But let’s take

Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев
A scene from the movie “Seven brides corporal zbrueva” (1970).

Zina called the corporal Vadim – the hero of the film performed by the Seeds Morozova – jerk. This is a very erroneous opinion. For starters, a corporal in the Soviet army is a “great soldier”. So officially interpreted the rank of corporal. But corporals in the Soviet army was not so little. But Zbruev were piece goods. The fact that he was on the cover of “Skilled warrior” (the magazine invented in the USSR there was the magazine “Soviet soldier”, but not in this case). Of course, whoever authentic Scoop geotourism lived, could not understand what I had to do to get on the cover of such sovdepovskih journal as the journal of the Ministry of defence. Zbruev was to be standouts in combat and political training, as they said, and preferably a Komsomol activist. In a sense, it’s just a standard “Soviet Man” (yeah, that’s right, with capital letters). The strange thing is that in the paintings of Soviet artists Zina strongly admires such images. But seeing a movie poster of one of these heroes, she calls him a jerk. No, God is not a jerk. This is a very smart, very agile, and very Soviet people. Yes, good command of Sambo techniques. Remember how deftly he broke alcoholic when he handed him the lighter, which Zbruev mistook for a gun.

In this case, and hardworking. He can fix the broken iron, and the grass to mow the whale. That is, he is literally the joy of those who love to puff today: “in the USSR we were taught to work with his hands, and today we are allowed only in the smartphone stare”. In short, corporal Zbruev – a standard Soviet man. The Leonid Brezhnev would kiss him on the lips – such great reference of the Soviet appears in the film, corporal Zbruev.

What some sadkovtsy, the zine of course not forgivable to understand one circumstance. The fact that corporal Zbruev goes on demobilization. After serving two years of military service. Of course, his head still half works in the military. Yesterday he even slept in the barracks. Everyone is familiar with this effect – returning from the army soldiers first weeks at home is not always adequately. Jokes jokes when not necessary, all he is Trin-grass and the sea zone. This is a normal adaptation period. People who were not in such extreme conditions as the army for several years, and then returned to civilian life, I can not understand that in this period the person already fell out of one, he became for two years, habitual, habitat, but have not yet returned to its original state. A man the first days (sometimes weeks) is as if between two worlds. This shows the Director Vadim Melnikov. And shows very authentic. The demobilization of the Soviet army – watch out all around.

But Zbruev as a very clever man, certainly understand that from the civilian life behind slightly and starts to rapidly catch up. Why decide to start to find out how it dances in fashion. With this question he turns to the conductor. In fact, this scene and begins the film. And in the first stage of Melnikov with all the ruthlessness shows the enormity of the Scoop.

Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев
Zbruev drove to the conductor on the subject to figure out “what now dance?”

Melnikov would remove that Zbruev asks a question about dancing the conductor of the car in which he was. But Director Vadim sends in another car – international. International wagon known anybody who lived in Brezhnev’s time (and unknown to everyone else) is the car, where ordinary Soviet people allowed. Because the Soviet people – the second grade. And the first foreigners. Therefore, the conductor is very unwelcoming – however, as any employee of the Soviet service in relation to the ordinary Soviet people – meets Vadim. But most importantly – the car is completely empty. An entire train full of tickets, most likely at the box office there (after the summer), and then part of the Soviet train is completely empty car. Where none of the Soviet citizens to buy a ticket is impossible.

By the way, remember the movie “Station for two”, filmed 12 years after the “Vadim”. And one of the scenes there – in a special lounge for foreigners at the station. And again – in station in the night there’s nowhere to sit, are filled with people, but this is a special lounge for foreigners there is no soul. And then as the fire scared duty (played by Tatyana Dogileva)? She says frankly: “If they know I’m one of our let me get fired.” “Ours” – a Soviet colloquial word denoting the Soviet people. It is not enough that the Soviet can’t enter interactionsbuy the rest room and call center will be fired if they find out that she had someone from the Soviet allowed. As it is the scoop.

But if Ryazanova this is shown in the depressed-critical manner, the Melnikov – easily and effortlessly. Zbruev went to study dance. All fun and easy. … And the rest – who have to guess. And who does not need – even more fills your ears for noodles official Communist propaganda. In General, fascinated by the dancing in an empty car with a beautiful conductor (in the international conductor even more beautiful), Zbruev did not have time to meet the first candidate, prosesau station.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to explain the essence of the adventures of zbrueva. So, the title says he has some seven brides. But what is this girl? Where did they come from? Zina, assuming a priori Zueva jerk and “stuffy idiot”, does not ask about these brides. She is one of female solidarity – completely on their side. But I served in the Soviet army and unable to answer the question about the most brides. The fact that many girls in the Soviet Union could put two and two together and to conclude that if millions of young Soviet men for a two-year locked in the barracks, it was to be the Soviet army is a place where wherever you spit, you get in some pedostrangalia. What to do? That’s life. Some of the most immoral (or wild) girl so right climbed in the unit through the fence. Who was unbearable – used. Though the clap, and catch it easily. And some were looking for a husband. And wrote letters. You ask: how is it that someone can write a girl if she’s nobody in the unit knows? Well, first, he went to see a friend and he has remained friends. He can offer to the friend of his girlfriend to write them a letter. Common case. And sometimes, she writes with such random about the address “the Most exciting part of the soldier so-and-so”. The part number again from someone a friend knows. To us in part the following letters came. Moreover, in such quantities that almost the load was then distributed: “You answer that, you’re on it.”

What soldiers do under the demobilization? It has nothing to do, And to correspond with the strange girl interesting. Anyway in the army is happy to receive letters from girls. I also texted, by the way, when was the “grandfather”. However I’m talking about his biography all lied. Because I had no goal to transfer in reality is virtual acquaintance. And some of it is true then it was the intention to find the girl he was written off. Some had several such “tauchnitz”. But not serving in the army, of course do not understand. And most importantly – the initiator has usually been the girls themselves. Well, corporal Zbruev, do not forget, has svetyolka on the cover of the magazine, coming out in great quantities. Yes, there is nothing to wonder that it girls from all over the Soviet Union blocked the emails. That’s where he got the “seven brides”. Seven is still little. A big part of it is likely to weed out. And nothing wrong there. Ordinary life story, which in Soviet times was a lot.

So, next Zbruev sent in a hypothetical Ivanovo. The city in the film is not known, but judging from what is mentioned there, as the city has many young girls, and that they work on different worsted factories, we can assume that it is the “city of brides” Ivanovo. Although the name here is not important. Important accompanying circumstances. Because there zbrueva again meets the Scoop in full growth. Here is what it says about Zina:

“Corporal Zbruev Kostya amazing, almost pathologically selfish – despite the fact that portrays sincerity and interest in any other person… But I wonder – how did you feel then factory girl Nadia, who has encouraged (to whole team), and then threw? Zbruev just compare a simple, snub-nosed face of the textile workers — photo portraits of Moscow artist and made a heroic choice. It’s a Comedy, and we will not show that they felt that — snub-nosed, having received a note: “Sorry, Hope!”. This was preceded by very warm, filled with affection, night and – “here!” to you. When you consider that the city of weavers to get married is almost impossible, and here is a kind of “slap”. Zbrueva – indifferent to what happens then it is fate.”

Well, not the fact that absolutely indifferent. And not too hard for a girl to get married in the city of Ivanovo. I say this as the grandson of the inhabitant of Ivanovo and cousin of two Ivanovic, that is, “city of weavers”. They married quietly in his hour. “The city of brides” – it’s just a common name. Men there is more than enough. But it’s the details. And not the fact that Zbruev only represents the interest. As an old soldier it just very interesting to any civil conversation. But, again, to those who have not served do not understand. But most importantly, in this feature again missed the Scoop factor. And it’s just about “very warm, filled with affection, night.” All predannosti and warmth of the evening strongly cooled Scoop. And here’s the Scoop. The second girl lived in the dorms.

Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев
The scene in the dormitory.

But this is not in itself broken off Vadim. A Soviet commandant of a hostel Semyon Semyonitch Evstigneev (performed by Anatoly Stolbov). Then again, who didn’t try to pass the girl in a Soviet dormitory, he did not know what it was humiliation. Melnikov proved all this stuff. The girl came the familiar guy she can get. Yeah, fucking guy want to fuck, excuse me for my French. And Semyon Semyonitch Evstigneev take into account that the guests are not the eunuch, and the demobilization of the Soviet army. So he leaves a few for a minute. No, you came to a strange pretty girl, and you constantly violate intimacy. Yes, no one was going to immediately take her to bed. But basic human respect should be? The commandant reveals the human attitude – in its Soviet understanding, of course. When evening comes and all outsiders must leave the dormitory building, Evstigneev included in the situation zbrueva and throws him into the street. He even gives him a private room… and locks it there with a key. Fucked up, Here’s the Scoop.

And in the end Zbruev before bedtime talking with the girl over the balcony – some sort of Soviet variation of the balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet”. And I’m not even saying he’s corny in the toilet could want at night. And then? Through the balcony railing to splash? After all this Zbruev thinks. He’s waiting for? He has apartments there and even if he jobs in a factory – Oh no soon it shines (only kids can continue to fantasize about the distribution of free apartments in the Soviet Union anyone). His hypothetical bride – also did not Shine in the near future. And they will knock about in the Dorm, meeting under the supervision of the commandant Evstigneeva and kissing in the back row at the cinema last session? But who is happiness necessary? The right would have Zbrueva was 16 years old, and if this “low residence” would be his girl “before the army” – there’s still some moral brakes. And so he came, looked, girl he liked, but the surrounding circumstances – not ku-ku. He takes portraits of other girls, and comes to the conclusion – it is possible to look further. What’s immoral behavior? Zbruev, by the way, behaves in the Soviet moral. He with his frantic energy and a charming smile, not hitting on any girl on the street. No, he needs only those seven, with whom he corresponded. Because they liked him. When in one situation he offered one to replace the other, he sadly replied: “I don’t want Perepelkina”. On the contrary, done a decent guy. But still shoots straight.

On his way to the actress, played by Marianna Vertinskaya.

Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев

And again, look at everything through the prism Scoop. Here actress, and fairly well-known (according to the story). And the taxi driver will know who she is, and the men crazy about her. The star of the Soviet screen, shorter. And how does she live? In a Studio apartment in which she makes the repairs. A wet dry hair iron. No, by Soviet standards, she even lived well. The apartment, by the way, it is not likely, “given”, and she was able to join the cooperative fees for the film. And this is her ceiling. And by the standards of normal? And most importantly we know that in this one she will live forever. Unless you pop up for any respectable Director or a party worker. And then suddenly, out of nowhere arises a corporal Zbruev, which is certainly no apartment.

Zina writes on this subject: “Zbruev do not understand the point in communication – interpersonal boundaries; and to him the young actress – about the same size as he is. Zbruev really sure he’d make a great couple for a beautiful and popular stars”.

What about “interpersonal communication borders” in the USSR is just ridiculous. In a country where you in a Dorm could easily secure that night a herd of members of the Komsomol operotryada to verify whether you have in bed women talk about “interpersonal communication borders” is still too much.

But, I suppose, partly there is possible to agree. Actress – the only one of the “brides” who Zbruev himself has imposed. He wrote to her first, sent me a magazine cover with your photo. So what’s the big deal? Why, in fact, it should not be sure that is an excellent match for this actress? Do not forget that in the USSR one of the main slogans was “man to man a friend, comrade and brother”. And if by the end of the 70s in this is plainly, no one believed, in 1970, almost anyone could take it that the actress – an ordinary Soviet man “like you or me”. Is it not so? That, in fact, put this actress above zbrueva? Anyway, in Soviet times, any famous actress threw letters. For example, the same Natalia Varley (who also starred in “Zbruev”) filled with letters and offers to marry. What, were all entirely stuffy idiots? There are people who are not looking for cranes. But Zbruev became famous in the limits of his part, he became the star of the cleaner of this actress and decided that he was just now a match for the actress. “She’s known all over the country, I’m known all over the country – you never can tell”. Well, I tried. Why not? And what’s so terrible? Terrible when, on the contrary, the man lowers himself, all this IMHO, and so “Yes I’m here, stand in the sidelines, do not pay attention to me” – that’s awful. And Zbruev knows her worth. He’s not handsome, like Delon, but cute, guys in the infantry were all the same. And, by the way, the man with such furious pressure in the future has great prospects.

But we go further. And then on the way Vadim is a nurse played by Natalie Nightingale. As soon as he saw her, knew it was not his option. But out of courtesy goes with her to visit, listening to her stupid chatter and not knowing how to get rid. In the end sees in a communal room and a swarm of neighbors, which he immediately understand, will become almost members of his family. And again – who the fuck need that kind of happiness? Fucked in the head nurse and some neighbors in the communal apartment. If Zbruev was an immoral man, he would have drank with a nurse alcohol from a syringe – and that he was in fact a specially-poured (in a syringe!) – would have slept with her, then it would certainly hit the road. But our Zbruev – honest Soviet guy from the cover of the Soviet magazine. Him this shit is not necessary. And he honestly goes. “Not even drank a Cup of tea”. Well, not drank. Why to drink tea with the person who immediately causes the rejection?

Well, the apotheosis of the Scoop. Komsomol-youth construction project, which Zbruev falls almost by accident, although it was there lives another “bride”. The “bride” turns out to be a Komsomol worker Halina Listopad performed by Natalya Varley. Seeing the girl with the appearance Varley, Zbruev, of course, flowed. He was unaware that he needed her as the hare stop light, and in the face of Galina Listopad dealing with novice classic Soviet bureaucrat who lures on the scene Dembele, and not even wasting their time writing letters, and only endorsing them (and wrote letters the same Perepelkin).

Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев

Moreover, this leaf is well aware that like young guys and takes advantage of her sexuality. She didn’t say Zbrueva threshold – say, I’m married, so walk, Bob, chew sawdust. Although it is well understood that Zbrueva need from her. No, she just turns his back and pretends to be a fool. Today such Galin Listopad 1970, by the way, turned out great senators in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.

Well, no, let us stand in the place of Vadim. He goes hell knows where the building and sees a very beautiful girl thinks that she is not indifferent – she even give him the verses in the letters sent. And in fact it turns out that it is a clever Komsomol recruiter who was cheating on him the whole way. Who is like?

And here’s another quote: “the Stage of cleanup at a youth construction — General unspeakable”

And what is so unspeakable? Zbruev – corporal, that is in the past rather squad which sometimes could replace the Sergeant. Of course he knows how to command. And in the army so either you command or you. Why the other soldiers and even sergeants who came with him, obey him? Yes habit. If in the army, someone is sure to command, others obey. Here is the case of my biography.

It was in basic training. Once it so happened that our platoon was returning from the dining room to the barracks without Sergeant. Although we lined up, as expected, and was marching, but we were not commanded. And here we meet the commander. He stopped us and asked “What the fuck? Why is no one in charge? Well ka quickly decide who commands and go to the barracks with the commander”. And we are all students, that is ordinary. And then the first in the ranks – he is from Transcarpathia was, by the way – loudly commanded: “Platoon, listen up, step-arches”. Well, we all hissed him in the back: “Vadim, and what do you command? Who are you? Who appointed you?” But there is nothing, the team was going, and Vadim only podrachivat “left, Left, one-two-three”. Soon after, he commander of the Department became like this. Because this is the army. In the army, no crowds. And there are divisions. Who first said, “I am the commander”, he commanded, if another senior commander nearby is not present. And Zbruev. Would the shit out of your mouth and say to themselves “Well, I’m lance, and eagles – Sergeant, then he commanded”. But he took the initiative. All the others he was subject to military habit. And Zbruev, of course, as the commander of the unit, and should not have been he, along with all to dig from a fence till a dinner. He had to ensure the execution of work. He and provided. And besides, he’s yesterday’s grandpa. In the Soviet army grandfather do not work. And although this is already a citizen, but to forget is not so easy. Yesterday you in any attempt to make you, say, dig a trench, expressed bewilderment about such a failed joke, and tomorrow, once the citizen from going in the rush to clean up the garbage? No, it does not happen. Zbruev wouldn’t have to take time off if he ordered. But the point is laid down so that order could he. He took advantage of it. Again, the only thing clear to those who have served.

Отличный советский солдат ефрейтор Збруев

Well, the best thing about the Zbruev says that in the end, then she found her “the one”. And this choice was not Mercantile. He has a crush on a village girl – Valentina Kondratyevna Oleneva (played by Tatiana Fedorova, who, by the way, in 1975, played the wife of a Decembrist Ryleeva in the film “the captivating Star of happiness”). You can say, love Zbruev. And that’s it-he eventually slept. That is decided for myself that this is for the long haul. Zina wrote: “what a girl is hyperactive YAP corporal Zbruev, which is not even shy about the fact that conducting a review of brides?” And what is wrong? Zbruev has shown himself a great master who is ready to repair all and to mow the grass until it stops. Strong, handy, charismatic man. Who else is needed in the village? And he immediately threw himself on the hay on a starry night And the fact that he’s stupid word offended her (about the “parade of brides”, etc.) – well, here in full growth and the impact that he had still not parted with the army world.

Well, the finale is ridiculous. Zbruev eventually fall into the hands of the Director of field farm, which lured him to the fact that under the guise of girls wrote him letters and as the photos sent a reproduction of a “Madonna”. But here we see the manifestation of Scoop. Why this Director to do such wild things – write to a soldier in the army of letters from non-existent girls? Because shit, if you think about it. And anywhere from a Scoop to go. The Director has a plan. And the hunters run. Without hunters to carry out the plan? So he is luring skilful shooters, in his old age, posing in the letters of a young girl.

Compactly, as they say. Great Comedy, Vitaly Melnikov, which shows the Scoop in its various manifestations is not worse aesthetically critical movies like “Station for two”.

And yet it is worth noting that in the movie “Seven brides corporal zbrueva” there are a few episodes quite unusual, say, for the Soviet Comedy. For example, communication with a young priest (Leonid Kuravlyov) to the train, which Zbruev Woo the future priest’s wife. Or a friendly meeting with foreigners, and civilian Soviet man is not very typical, especially for a soldier of the Soviet army.

And, in the final, another thought. Semyon Morozov as no one else was approached for the role of corporal zbrueva. Including the fact that in his youth played in the hilarious Comedy “Seven nurses”. Family nurses seven brides, selfmovement names and characters is obvious. And the ending is in the style of “nothing” is similar. Although the “Seven nannies” are more optimistic. Well, who said that corporal Zbruev will stay long in zverosovhoz? He will return back to its Kondratyevna Oleneva, Valentina, come back, she will forgive him. For you, too. And therefore banished.

The only school of film, conscript, retired from the army, must within 14 days to register in the mers, who drafted him in the army. What here the bride-show across the country? But this is the only detail, which, however, may not be noticed.

And the rest – all good. And the Comedy hilarious (although not aesthetically), and the Scoop is shown right in the forehead. And as the highest award this film can be considered the following fact.

“Seven brides corporal zbrueva” is certainly not a masterwork, which can be put on a par with, say, filmed in the same year the film “Running”. And “Gentlemen of fortune” in Comedy terms, “the Zbruev” does not hold. “Seven brides corporal zbrueva” – it’s just a relaxed Comedy without any frills. However, all removed hard and the story falls apart, goes fast, and some Comedy scenes are very good. The actors are well matched and they play efficiently. But. According to the poll of film critics conducted by the newspaper “Soviet culture”, the film was named one of the worst in 1971. And I say this. If Soviet critics in the newspaper “Soviet culture” called a film about Soviet life is one of the worst, then the film has hurt the Scoop. What was required to prove, as they say.

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