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Example of understanding between the government and the society

Пример понимания между властью и обществом

Now I will explain what the understanding between the government and the society I want to in Russia in times of crisis.

Like this:

According to ARD-Deutschlandtrend, 72% of German citizens are satisfied with the crisis management of the government of Merkel.

Unity on this issue is non-partisan in character — as, indeed, others raised questions.

Restriction of contact approves 93%.

Despite fears of the possibility of infection (51%), the German health care system Express great or very great confidence in 75% of the population which believes that, with the existing high qualifications of doctors and the saturation of hospitals with modern medical equipment, the pandemic is defeated.

However, 37% expressed concern that not all can obtain appropriate hazard Covid-19 help.

The almost unanimous acceptance of a temporary restriction of contacts 4 respondents out of 10 are concerned that the restriction of liberty can last for a long period.

If the worsening economic situation in Germany as a result of a pandemic, concerned about 75% of the respondents own position — only 30%.

Never, since 1997, the coalition Cabinet (CDU/CSU+SPD) had no such support as of now. Merkel, he is 64%, the Minister of health is 60%.

But Putin, in an interview with TASS never ceased to lament that Western parliamentary democracy are in deep crisis.

Count your chickens before they hatch.

Alexey Kondaurov, the General-the major of KGB in resignation, the former Deputy of the state Duma

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