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Example of trump’s tempting

Пример Трампа соблазнителен

Example of trump’s seductive: after a trade war States China Japan struck a powerful blow to export to Seoul, whose current leadership of his attacks got the Tokyo elite. The Japanese government has decided to introduce control over the supply to South Korea three substances for the manufacture of semiconductors and screens for various devices. Only three. But as they say, it could have disastrous consequences for South Korean electrical industry.

From now on, for each transaction on the export of these materials need to obtain a separate permit. If their supply is stopped, the semiconductor factories Samsung and other corporations will rise within three to four months. A little better, but absolutely amazing the situation is in South Korea and thin display for smartphones, for example.

The essence of the conflict — in the history of the first half of the last century, when Tokyo was the colonial ruler of Korea. Its inhabitants forcibly (especially during the Second world war) mobilized for forced labor with all clear humiliation and suffering. In October last year, the Supreme court of South Korea decided to pay compensation to four such individuals (three had died), who were forced to work in the factory staleplavilnymi Japanese company. And then there was the gag.

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South Korea normalization of relations with Japan in 1965 he signed a document where he renounced all claim and compensation for the colonial period. In return, Japan would like to aid gave Seoul a lot of money on extremely favorable terms, or just nothing. These funds are used wisely — they were the backbone of the South Korean economic miracle.

The current requirement of the new compensation (and the assets of Japanese steel companies have already seized in South Korea) is outrageous in Tokyo — his regard as a blatant violation of the agreement. As an attempt to constantly use Japanese sins of the past for blackmail. Japan proposed to submit the dispute to international arbitration — but South Korea refused.

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And Tokyo struck back, showing the vulnerability of the Korean economy. Serious Seoul newspaper wrote today that the Japanese took while only one of the hundreds of trump cards. From Japanese technologies on, for example, the South Korean automotive industry in promising directions. Seoul today hastily allocated 855 million dollars to samazinasana three Japanese stuff for semiconductors and screens. But quickly does not work, and the time has gone — from South Korean industry in the case of Japanese push stocks will end in three to four months. Tokyo decided to play seriously.

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