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Ex-participants of “Battle of psychics” commented on the rumors of quackery on the show

Several top psychics decided to dispel the rumors that the show of channel TNT “Battle of psychics” all of the scenario. So, first to protect the transmission of rose, the winner of the fifth season of Lily Khegai. “Honestly, I do not understand why all the rumors about the “Battle of psychics”. I was especially surprising to hear this from people who themselves were constantly surrounded by psychics,” — said Liliya portal

Lily also admitted that during the filming of the project she was very hard: “I Admit it’s not easy — I have several times wanted to leave. Emotionally, it’s all very hard. Today, when people ask me if I really have the gift, I just say: “Check!” People check and make sure”.

Could not resist to comment and Hope Shevchenko, the finalist of the 17th season. Hope believes that participation in a battle is like a great sport, because everyone is laid out on a high and wants to win. She also noted that on the show there are no people without abilities: “All situations involving people, their tragedies are real!”

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The winner of the 16 th battle of Victoria Raydos outraged to the depths appeared a gossip. The witch does not understand, what we can say is, when at stake is the fate of real people: “How can you say such a thing when talking about living people with their real tragedy? In the show appeal to those who have, for example, a dead loved one. And it’s emotional, incredibly difficult”.

Victoria added that she and other members never knew where they were taken and what the test awaits them.

Nicole Kuznetsova, finalist 16th of the season, as all other psychics, believes that conversations about quackery — not more than rumors. Moreover, she is convinced that they appear out of jealousy, because “the Battle of psychics” are very popular shows: “In General, such criticism of the project, I am indifferent: it is inevitable when it superspike! And those clients who I meant, anyway I will find. The story has survived the witch hunt. Survive and hunt for psychics,” commented Nicole.

Another participant in the 16th season of Namtar, Antigal thinks people call the “battle” setting, because people fear what they can’t explain in a logical way. Moreover, the MAG said that the casting of participants for the 18th season has already ended and began shooting: “At the moment is in full swing preparing for the new season.”

Recall that 48-year-old actor Mikhail Porechenkov, who led the program between the first and seventh seasons, in the morning show “Lifts” on “Our radio” called a lie everything that happens on the show of channel TNT “Battle of psychics.”

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