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Ex-participant of “House-2” told about bullying the producers of the show

Many people think that the lives of the participants “House-2” like a fairy tale. Especially those who are in the Seychelles. Maria Ilyina, who recently left the show “Dom-2. The island of love”, decided to shed some light on how actually to live the participants in reality.

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“I ran out of ethers, you can safely say and honestly. As soon as we arrived in Moscow, leading us given to understand that none of us on the project, they are no longer welcome. The worst thing is that we have not shown your hand, both good and bad. But! We are not actors! Some of us never did it at all! And many just didn’t understand where they were. Really hard least a little bit to help, to instruct and show a modicum of understanding? I, as a viewer who watched the project for a long time, I realized that it is not enough to have a real relationship, sincerity and integrity. Was 100% sure that I need a project and succeed. Like, overdressed pussies from the road and so to Fig. Escortis too,” Mary wrote on the page of your social network (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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According to Ilyina, on the project very difficult to build a serious relationship, because at any moment everything can go wrong as we would like. “You don’t know what awaits you tomorrow. You can fall in love, you can surrender. And tomorrow I will take and send home either you or him. We all started to be a mess in my head. Began to grow dim even the strongest. We felt like guests of the island, not inhabitants. We did not understand in the end do what you can do, and what not. Us cornered!” — said the ex-contestant of the show.

Maria said that the producers are severe enough to the inhabitants of the island. Even during his illness she had to perform tasks and participate in the struggle for “the bachelor.”

“Say, I’m an amoeba? And I will tell you what it’s like to stand in the heat 40 with a temperature of 40 and with a wild rash all over my body that are incredibly itchy. I went to the hospital and fought for Elisha in contests, so God forbid not to miss a day of struggle. I pull the rope with your hands, although the rash couldn’t even spoon it’s OK to keep, but went and fought. Do not show tears when nerves fail and you break your hands from psycho because you don’t give just to lie down for half an hour after I took the pill. Went on a date the whole of Burgundy speckled, but I went! Do you know what the problem is? My sincerity on the island were-and do not need anyone. And then I don’t understand why I was invited to the project, because from the very first day said, I’m not a player. I come for the RELATIONS!!! How to play sympathy? Why fool the audience and lie to yourself?” — admitted Ilyin.

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Recall that recently the producers of “House-2” told about the early closure of the show “Dom-2. The island of love”, referring to the fact that the participants never have been able to build a relationship and not even been active.

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