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Ex-participant of “House-2” said that her husband was wrong Borodina because of its asexuality

Last year Ksenia Borodina was on the verge of divorce Kurban Omarov. Then the TV presenter has accused her husband of betrayal and infidelity. “I lived in the pink glasses, was pregnant and believed her husband, I thought, here’s a tee and the outcome of his party, he will take up daughter and senses,” complained the star. However, the pair managed to reconcile, the divorce did not take place.

Now the couple demonstrate idyll in the family, but some fans of Xenia suspect that actually they have not so smooth. The reason for the rumors gives himself lobster. Recently, the Network has a scandal: a girl told how Eid was flirting heavily with her and her friends in the restaurant.

“So sit, eat oysters with shrimp crickets, celebrate your DR and at the next table husband Ksenia Borodina sitting with friends, drinking vodka and throws at us quail eggs… whether vodka is bad, whether its quail eggs less,” wrote a girl named Oksana (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Borodin did not comment on the situation, but the former participant “Houses-2” Simeon Frolov wrote about this a meaningful post in Instagram. Simon thinks that Eid is periodically flirts with other girls due to the fact that Xenia wasn’t sexy enough.

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“If it is true that the husband Borodina participated in the egg attack girls with the purpose to attract their attention, then I think it won’t be long when Borodin will replace the cavalier. Maybe she has enough wisdom to turn this into a household or even a story with a completely different vision of the girls threw) Although all probably depends on the income of the husband) If solid, then wisdom will appear) In my opinion the smoke without fire does not happen, and it once again says that any sex you radiate from the inside or not. And you do not lose weight or their body is not newer write songs about it that you’re new, then nothing will change. If there is no sexuality in nature (no matter how slim), it will not be what actually says this case is that there is respect and passion, and especially love))) anyway it would be great if the show appeared (to be) in the entire history of the project at least one cool, to experience life, a real professional presenter (th)”, — said Frolov.

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