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Ex-girlfriend Alexei Vorobyov will be the new contestant of “the Bachelor” /

March 11 on TNT to kick off the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor.” The new hero of the project was a 32-year-old actor Ilya Glinnikov, known for the TV series “Interns”. For the heart Glinnikov will fight 25 girls who came to the project from all over Russia and from near and far abroad. Among them, the “Vice-miss of emergency” candidate, sentimental student, hascontrols in night clubs, the infamous journalist, gymnast, mother and others.

It is also known that among the participants of the show “the Bachelor” will be the former lover of the singer and “the bachelor,” the fourth season of Alexei Vorobyov. 26-year-old Tatiana Chelysheva worked together with the artist as Executive producer in the American film company NoRisk NoFun Production, when both were living in Los Angeles. Now Tatiana and Alexei — friendly. /

“What do you know about distance? You’ll never understand what it’s like not to be able to take the hand of a loved one or not being able to hug him. When you hear his voice, either in the handset or in the head. When you want to be near him, and between you 20 train stops, the one way ticket and hours of waiting,” writes Tatiana in social networks.

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Now Alexey Vorobyov lives in Canada and starred in the TV series “the Tree of bodies.” Alex is often necessary to make long flights to Moscow for meetings with family and beloved. In his last visit to the homeland of the sparrows survived the shock — he caught his girlfriend cheating. Apparently, beloved Vorobyov moved a long absence and found solace in other arms. Alex is sure that it is nothing like betrayal. The artist is going to “wipe her out of your life” and will not keep contact with her.

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