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Ex-boyfriend Dana Borisova told about her drug addiction


Mother 40-year-old Dana Borisova Ekaterina Ivanovna made a scandalous statement: the TV show “Let them talk”, she admitted that her daughter is suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. The show’s host Andrei Malakhov for many years is friends with Dana, so, after learning about her condition, he took steps. In the end, Borisov was sent to rehab in Thailand.


Many still can’t believe that Borisov was addicted to drugs. It turned out to take banned substances the blonde started a long time ago. This ex-boyfriend Alex punk, whom she had met in 2014 on the show “let’s get married”, confessed that even knew about her addiction.


“I knew then that she takes drugs, but nobody wanted to hear. All I was trying to convey, leading to me black PR”, — said Alexey in an interview with “TV Program”.

Pankow said that in the beginning of their relationship Borisova from the TV presenter suffered a heart attack.


“Dana suddenly became ill, I called an ambulance. The doctor took a blood test, even then I said, “You understand that it’s drugs?” I couldn’t believe it. But the analysis-can not lie! I tried to talk to her, but she unlocked, assured that the pills…” — said Alexey.


Punks and Borisov parted with the scandal: broadcaster claimed that Alex threatened her and spread rumors, smearing her reputation. Now the man doesn’t get mad at a former lover, the more the truth was revealed. “Now, I hope people understand what she was talking about me nonsense. And I hope she is ashamed, although I doubt it”, — concluded the punks.


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