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Ex-ATU fighter was hit in the face with the protesters. Video

Бывший боец АТО ударил в лицо митингующего. ВидеоAt city hall of Vinnitsa scuffle.

In the winery on the eve of session of the city Council, at city hall scuffle.

Former Atoshnik Andrei Grachev in a raised voice spoke to the protesters. When someone from the crowd shouted “lackeys” Grachev is angry, and he first pushed and then punched a activist.

Later Grachev commented on the fight on your page in Facebook.

“I would like to recall that in the Donbass, we, too, at first called tufts, then lackeys, then began to stomp and burn our flags, and then we have war. Now! Brothers Volunteers! Passing of the torch, find lackey and give the face. If we are all going to deaf ears or are afraid of something, these are the people that will make us then, far-hide tunic with awards and hiding in the cellars”, – he wrote.

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