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Evolution or revolution: how to change the appearance of Masha Fedorova for the past year

Masha Fedorova

Masha Fedorova — perhaps, is the media person who, for the last time more than all surprised us with their metamorphoses. Since about last summer’s appearance of Masha began to change, she was still editor in chief of Glamour. And now, when Fedorov holds the position of editor-in-chief of Vogue, she did a completely different way. We offer you to follow this impressive fashion and body evolution.

Veteran of gloss

Russian Glamour Masha headed for eight years. Prior to that, she worked for six years in the same journal as the Director of the fashion Department (Fedorov worked at Glamour since its launch). Previously she was for three years he was editor, then Director of the fashion Department of GQ.

In short, for more than 17 years of Masha’s life is associated with a glossy journalism — a field in which appearances are not in last place.

And, of course, she needed to take up the post of editor-in-chief and become a media personality, as the Internet community rushed to discuss her appearance and complexion. In social networks, went to debate about how it should look and what to wear person, under whose leadership created one of the most popular fashion magazines.

If I ceased to be editor-in-chief, probably, I’d like to try to make my own clothing line for women with irregular shape. For anybody not a secret that I myself am far from 90-60-90, I do not interfere and do not suffer, but as a stylist, I would be interested to do something,

— said Masha.

Discussion and condemnation

Her own outfits usually match the type of figure, but still very often came under fire from critics. However, we will not hide, not all the images Masha was perfect, were not entirely successful, and even unsuccessful (for example, things made of materials with brilliance, let’s face it, not always it was decorated).

Criticizing the Car looks were rarely correct in his statements: often reading the comments on her Instagram, we were amazed at how relevant in our society the problem of bodyshaping. Many commentators seemed to go to the page Fedorova, only to let a few barbs in the address of the owner of the account. And then just pour into her a stream of negativity. In fairness, we note that fans of Mary has always had a lot.

Despite all the attacks in the address, Fedorov continued to experiment with the outfits and never replied to offensive comments online. But, apparently, she already wanted to change.


In the summer of 2017 followers Machine page in Instagram noted that it looks very nice and the fall even puzzled: under the photos began to appear comments in the spirit of “You’ve lost so much weight? Or is it a costume?”.

The farther, the more appear enthusiastic reviews. And change, in fact, it was impossible not to notice that Mary is clearly serious in her figure. How does she do it? This question has now become Central to all discussions photos Fedorova. She is in no hurry to disclose the intrigue. It is obvious that our heroine plays a lot of sport ( on her page in Instagram appear regularly reports training).

In General, the question of how thin Fyodorov, began to worry many in the search engines it among the top requests associated with the name of the chief editor of Vogue. Mary herself said that her name was even on a popular talk show and offered to talk about his recipe for harmony.

New status

In February of this year, it was announced that Masha Fedorova appointed as the new editor-in-chief of Russian Vogue. By the time the journalist already look so thin and prettier that on the sidelines whispered: maybe all these transformations and were associated with the fact that Masha had to take such a responsible post?

I said today that I often have to wear black. But I’m not in black. I got it. Black and Pokerface,

she said in her first interview in a new position. Black color, indeed, in recent months has taken its place in the wardrobe of Fedorova — by itself or in combination with other colors. Although she previously admitted that walking in black she’s just bored.

Now Mary, in our opinion, good as ever: her new images is left to chance. She carefully chooses the colours, not getting stuck on the black, but avoiding too sharp and bright colors. By the way, and loved it shimmering fabrics now look at it.

And, of course, can not help but admire the fact that work doesn’t stop and editor-in-chief of Vogue continues to inspire by example. The stories of girls who, seeing so much dramatic changes in the shape Fedorova, “took himself in hand” is real — and every day more and more.

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