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“Evil dead: Black book” — a remake or a sequel? Responsible to the Director himself!

It turns out, is still among fans, the debate continues about whether or not to consider the horror of “evil dead: Black book” of 2013, a remake, or is it still a sequel to the original trilogy by Sam Raimi. Well, now we have answer the Fede Alvarez, the man who shot this film.

Here’s what he wrote in his Twitter account, responding to renewed question about his debut feature film:

It is a continuation of the first part. Match in the events between the first film and mine is not coincidence, but rather something like a dark rock, created by an evil book. (Ash’s car is still rust there)

Indeed, in the film we saw the famous “Oldsmobile station wagon” ash, forgotten by the host, he clearly stood next to the hut for many years. And it doesn’t look like a meaningless Easter egg, it was like a hint from the creators that the events of the first “evil dead” had had here. Fans of the franchise have talked about this for many years, and it turns out, were right.

And it turns out that the original film in 1981 and “the Black book” 2013 exist in one universe, while “evil dead 2” 1987-wow, “Army of darkness” 1992 and the series tell the story of an alternate universe. Well, considering that in the prologue the second part of the event was the first to set out somewhat differently in the subsequent original to be ignored, that all sounds perfectly reasonable.

Recall that Federico Alvarez has long wanted to do a sequel to his “evil dead”, but a finished script yet. But we continue to wait and hope.

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