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Everything you need to know about the most fashionable diet this year

You must have heard of a ketogenic diet in the past year, however, according to experts, in 2019 the focus now is the Mediterranean diet. She took first place in the ranking of the best diets in the U.S. according to U.S. News. Talk about the highlight of her followers and the basic principles.

In fact, the Mediterranean diet appeared in the 1960s. Scientists believe that this diet contributes to increased longevity, weight loss and acts as a prevention of many diseases. And more importantly, to stick to such a diet is not very difficult.

The basics

Around diet come from the shores of the Mediterranean long been legendary. But we will focus only on facts. American journal of medicine found that the Mediterranean diet as effective for weight loss, how to diet with low carbohydrate. The Mediterranean diet is not strict diet, but rather a way of life.

In the diet a few times a week (five or six servings a week) have to be fish and seafood. The second important point — a lot of vegetables (six servings per week). Those who are accustomed to salads with olive or vegetable oil, they can not refuse. Oils provide a feeling of satiety and reduce cholesterol levels. But from starchy foods, bread and semi-finished products have to give.

Try to eat foods with a low glycemic index: brown rice, whole wheat pasta and oats. Sweets, namely chocolate, no more than three servings a week. And don’t forget close to lunch, lunch will let more or less light, but hearty dinner for the benefit of anyone not going. And build a regime that doctors recommend to eat at the same time,— says Anna Ivashkevich, nutritionist, clinical psychologist, nutritionist, member of the national Association of clinical nutrition.

According to statistics, this diet saves you from cardiovascular diseases and will also be useful in diabetes mellitus of the second type. The Mediterranean diet represents the best Greek salad: tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, chunks of feta cheese and a drop of olive oil. In fact, however, allowed foods in it much more. This diet involves consumption of fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts, oil (not only olive — there is a whole Arsenal of useful vegetable fats), fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt.

What not to eat on the Mediterranean diet?

As already stated, the meat, especially the red, and sweets are best left to special occasions. Processed foods (for example, all that you can buy in a box) and ready mix is also traditionally prohibited.

An example of the diet (you have to choose one dish)

• Casserole of cheese
• An omelette with one egg yolk and two whites
• Cheese with crackers
• Muesli with natural yoghurt and dried fruit
• Coffee / green tea

• Baked fish with vegetables
• Pasta with seafood and tomatoes
• Risotto with shrimp
• Chicken soup /cheese soup with shrimps
• Vegetable salad with boiled fish

• Salad with avocado and shrimp
• Baked chicken breast with rice
• Steamed fish and salad vegetables
• Vegetable stew and roast Turkey
• Fish cakes with vegetables
• Boiled seafood and vegetables

What health benefits?

According to one study-2016, presented at the conference in Brussels in the framework of the project NU-AGE, this diet can be called anti-aging. Her fans reduced levels of C-reactive protein, associated with aging. In a separate study published in the journal The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, the data released a five-year experiment, which was attended by more than 7,400 people with type II diabetes. People were divided into three groups: one followed the Mediterranean diet with added olive oil, the second followed the Mediterranean diet with nuts, and the third followed a diet low in fat. In five years people from the first group lost dozens of pounds, proving that mohino to lose weight without giving up the use of fats.

A new study funded by the National cancer Institute and the National institutes of health, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine showed that middle-aged women who adhere to the principles of the Mediterranean diet are more likely to live longer (70 years) and less sick. Such women less likely to suffer from serious chronic diseases and other ailments. Remember that the number of centenarians in the world in second place after the Japanese Mediterranean region, including countries like Greece, Italy, Spain and France. It is home to the largest number of people aged 80+. In fact, almost half of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean live to 85 years.

One of the main reasons, according to experts, can be their eating habits. Residents of countries that have access to the Mediterranean sea, regularly consume fresh fish, olive oil and local products. They drink moderate quantity of wine, and usually do not overeat sweets. These dietary habits are the basis of the Mediterranean diet, as you already know.

Diet over a long period of time reduces the risk of developing colon cancer, heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, a study of 4600 women and published in the BMJ, showed that adherence to the Mediterranean diet helps slow DNA damage, and thus slow down the aging process.

Anna Ivashkevich noted that this diet is practically no contraindications, except individual intolerance of some specific products (they simply can be excluded from your diet). One should not give preference to this diet for those who have chronic illnesses, it is better to develop a special menu.

Those who need all at once, the Mediterranean diet is not impressed. It is not suitable for quick weight loss in a short time. Be ready, excess weight will go away slowly. And certainly one of the minuses — the diet is quite expensive. However some foods from your diet can be replaced by cheaper, for example, the cherry tomatoes for regular, and salmon to cod, and so on.

Star followers

When Penelope Cruz was asked how she lost the weight gained during pregnancy with son Leo in 2011, the actress admitted that all the matter in the Mediterranean diet.

Susan Lucci, the famous American TV host tried this diet in 2010 after her husband found problems with the heart rhythm. According to her, to such disastrous consequences “of the Austrian diet” (butter, jam, hot dogs, sausage and cheese).

Our family began to eat properly. I wouldn’t call it a diet in the broadest sense of the word. It’s a different way of eating, but healthier. My husband hates coleslaw, which I do, but it’s useful, so I make him eat it. We always have fresh fish and green vegetables

said Lucci in a Fox News interview.

The foods that constitute the diet of the followers of the Mediterranean diet, is really very good for the heart. According to the Mayo clinic, they reduce the level of oxidized low density lipoprotein (LDL) (“bad” cholesterol) that is deposited on artery walls.

Selena Gomez several years, led a fierce struggle with lupus, which seriously undermines the immune system. Doctors say that symptoms can be avoided with properly chosen diet and exercise. It turns out that Gomez has gotten a lot better after it sat on the Mediterranean diet.

Anyone who has seen a Thriller in 2016, “Cloverfield, 10” (10 Cloverfield Lane), you probably noticed that the lead actor John Goodman looked slimmer than ever. How did he do it? According to him, he lost 45 pounds for filming and felt great largely due to the Mediterranean diet.

Actress Cameron Diaz in his “Book of body” 2016 recommends regular exercise and follow a Mediterranean diet.

So if you are going to lose weight for the summer and choose a diet that will not only help you lose weight, but also reduce the risk of many diseases and improve well-being — note the Mediterranean diet.

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