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Everyday habits that may hurt the spine

Повседневные привычки, которые могут навредить позвоночнику
According to scientists, one of daily activities that can cause serious harm to the spine, is washing dishes.

Degradation and displacement of vertebral disks due to unevenly distributed loads, pinched nerves and back pain can all result from the fact that we are engaged in ordinary routine business.

The man wash the dishes often suffer from intervertebral discs of the thoracic, because the body is usually in a bent position and arms stretched. As a result, may begin to suffer from pain between the shoulder blades.

How to help himself: when washing dishes is to substitute for one leg, bent at the knee, a chair.

Also problems with the spine causes wear bags, backpacks on one shoulder. Doctors recommend to wear a backpack strictly on both shoulders, and carrying handbags is to alternate shoulders.

In addition, therapists are advised to watch how get something heavy from the top shelf. If the stretched up hands is a heavy load, because the slightest movement can seriously hurt your spinal discs. Always in such cases stand on a chair!

To lift weights is also need to correct — or to certain sectors will form the spine from excessive load and it may cause damage to the vertebrae, the development of a hernia. Avoid lifting heavy objects should be strictly on slightly bent legs, and if both hands need to carry heavy bags, then the load should be distributed evenly, given advice therapists.

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