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Everyday habits that lead to excess weight

Повседневные привычки, которые ведут к лишнему весуTo enjoy a flat stomach and smooth skin experts advise to change a part of daily habits.

Often we do not pay attention to the small daily habits which actually lead to excess weight.

It’s an old saying: if you find yourself standing in a deep hole with the shovel in hand, stop digging. When it comes to weight loss, many it is difficult to stop and not keep digging this hole. Here grow the roots of all guilty pleasure — impulsive overeating, addiction to carbohydrates and other things that can turn a healthy person into a walking disease. So often happens because we do not pay attention to the small daily habits which actually lead to excess weight.

Low fat foods

It sounds crazy, but stop buying low fat foods is another way to fat loss. Similar products are inferior in calorific value normal quite a bit. While their composition remain ineffective carbohydrates, which fats are noticed.


The lack of water negatively affects the metabolism and allows toxins to linger in the body. Sufficient amount of clean water is a basic rule of a healthy diet.

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Lack of sleep

People with lack of sleep tend to consume more carbohydrates than those who sleep a sufficient amount of time. This relationship is well established and has been repeatedly confirmed by clinical studies.

Sparkling water

Carbonated water earned the status of a taboo among nutritionists even with the most extreme views. Excessive amounts of sugar, harmful acids and insulin emissions are just the tip of the harm that soda causes the body.

Skipping lunch

Many people think that skipping the next meal will lead to a slimming effect, but in fact, this habit can only disrupt metabolism and lead to even greater obesity.

You eat too fast

The body needs about 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the brain enough. During this time, you can cram a huge amount of food, which will cause excess weight.

Combo meals

Those people that tend to order combo meals in the cafe, you get much more ineffective calories than those eating the dish separately.

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Artificial moderation and cuts in those or other products is not going to favor balance and harmony in food. As soon as the diet ends, you go back to old habits.

You eat from large plates

Big plate psychologically it forces me to eat more — review your service and give preference to the smaller container.

The lack of mobility

Elevated levels of the stress hormone — cortisol — leads to abnormalities in blood composition. To bring hormone levels to normal can only be a sufficient amount of traffic: it could be yoga, fitness or walk.

Inefficient calories

Even if you eat healthy food, not the fact that you do it right. A typical meal should look like — 50% vegetables, 35% lean protein and 15% fat.

The lack of vitamins

Vitamins control the harmful cholesterol and blood sugar, and only if you need closed body can get rid of excess fat.

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