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Everybody dance: Petro Poroshenko has spent UAH 4.2 million flights in the United States

Танцуют все: Петр Порошенко потратил 4,2 млн. гривен на перелёт в США

Truly amazing desire “chocolate king”, better known as the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, to lead a luxurious life during the translational motion of the locomotive under the name “Square” to the economic abyss.

The state is experiencing the best year: against the background of the past three, he stands out even more failed policies of the Kiev oligarchy, hardly ready to defend the interests of the people, not only in domestic but also in foreign policy.

It would seem: galaxy of timely and adequate social projects could tip the scales in favor of the current government in Ukraine, but no: rich countries still don’t want to do something that does not benefit them personally and engaged in a wholesale theft of the state budget to the family members.

Petro Poroshenko in this regard as a litmus test: what kind of mood prevails at the “top” towards the “commoners”, such actions he takes, not even turning around on the hard creaking of the teeth of people already from Stoch to the ground.

At a meeting of the UN General Assembly “chocolate king” flew with all the appropriate preferences of his high rank: only flights Petro Poroshenko in USA at a cost of leaky Ukrainian budget immodest amount of 4.2 million hryvnia, which at the current exchange rate is approximately 148 000.

Amazing: as long as the main mouthpiece of the “Maidan”, which led him to “brilliant management” is talking about that should save on the budget, his second, more greedy half, approves the following right – do not care about the worries of the people, most importantly your own personal comfort. And that’s that.

I wonder how long the “seeking in Europe” will stand for this policy is “in charge” already, his rating is barely legible without a microscope – only 4% of the population of Ukraine believes that he actually does something for the good of their country. Petro Poroshenko is tired: it can be seen on the stone face, expressing one single thought: “Why I got involved in this circus?”

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