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Evelina Bledans responded to the accusations in PR due to the “solar” son

47-year-old Evelina Bledans raising four sons Seeds, born with down syndrome. The TV presenter and her husband, Alexander Semin are actively engaged in the development of a boy who grows very sociable and capable child.

Seeds have an account in Instagram, where Evelina and Alexander publish daily pictures and videos of boy, talk about their successes and give advice to parents whose children were born with the same diagnosis.

Some netizens believe that Bledans wrong, exposing the life of a four-year “solar” son show, there are those who accuse the star PR at the expense of their own child.

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The presenter responded to the criticism. “Critics often write in social networks: “It is promoted with the help of his son!” To which I reply: “Yes, I PR people with down syndrome in the face of Seeds Semin!” Anyone else do this in our country? No! Only our family is not afraid to talk openly about this issue and to gather around him people who previously hesitated to do it,” said Evelyn in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

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Also Bledans told that adores the son, and virtually nothing he does not deny. “I give him everything he asks for. In this regard, I have helpers — my grandmother and father, whom he obeys, and even a little afraid,” — said TV presenter.

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