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Evelina Bledans criticized by her fans

Эвелину Бледанс раскритиковали ее же фанатыPopular Russian actress is under a barrage of criticism is not the first day.

New year holidays for the Evelina Bledans and her youngest son continued. They rest together in Thailand in Phuket. It is a favorite Evelina where she prefers to enjoy the freedom a few times a year.

Bledans recently increased his chest. This act astonished the public, because she has said many times that he would not go under the surgeon’s knife. Apparently, something has changed in the beliefs of Evelina and she now boasts a luxurious chest.

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On his page, sowomen not cease to share spicy pictures, because now they have become more blatant, as 47-year-old Bledans puts the “new” bust on public display.

Knockers can’t pass up fresh images of the stars of Russian show business. They already criticized the entire body of Evelina Bledans, her character and principles as well as moral qualities, her behavior and everyone around her.

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Эвелину Бледанс раскритиковали ее же фанаты

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