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Evelina Bledans asked the psychic Tatyana Larina conjure her business

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48-year-old Evelina Bledans a happy marriage. With her husband, producer Alexander Semin, they have a son the Seeds. The boy was born with down syndrome. But despite the difficulties, the TV presenter is happy, can not be said about her younger sister, who will hold in a General regime colony for three years.

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Evelyn devotes herself to family and work. Of course, the child with special needs requires special attention and a lot of financial expenses. Evelyn and her husband work tirelessly. So, in addition to what Bledans TV presenter, she is also a designer. She has her own clothing boutique Alfawoman stores.


The other day Evelyn wanted to raise the level of sales in the boutique. For help she turned to a psychic… Tatiana Larina. Recall that the witch — “graduate” of the show “Battle of psychics” on TNT. She took second place and began to use her psychic abilities to help people.


Now, Evelina posted a Instagram video in which he asks Tanya to help her in the business: “If you’re a real witch, as you call yourself, it is something to do with this dress. Conjure me to this dress sold like hot cakes” — says Bledans.

The witch was a little confused by this request because she did not have to deal with such tasks. However, in the end, the psychic still fulfilled the ritual and “enchanted” dress Evelina.

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