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“Eurovision-2017” in Kiev: all the interesting details

"Евровидение-2017" в Киеве: все интересные подробностиKiev will host the Eurovision for the second time.

And this time the organizers promise that the show in Ukraine will be at the highest level.

Many people believe that Eurovision is a contest that lasts one day. We would also have been allowed to think that, if this year’s international song contest held in Ukraine. In fact, Eurovision has never lasted 1 day. It was always a holiday for a week. From year to year in the country, win and host the Eurovision song contest, seeking to outdo each other, making a more spectacular show .

For several years the events of the Eurovision song contest starts 2 weeks before the Grand final. During this period, all participants, together with the delegations have already arrived in Kyiv, and in the capital it will take many interesting. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Journalists respond to the most common questions about the Eurovision song contest in 2017.

Why 9 tickets for one contest

The main event of the Eurovision 2017 is the Grand final, which will take place at the IEC on the Left Bank on may 13. However, all the 42 participants stated it will get only 26.

The names of the six has long been known. Automatically to the finals always fall representatives of the countries of the so-called “Big five”, who are the founders and main sponsors of the competition. This year it’s Lucy Jones (UK), Levin (Germany), Manuel Navarro (Spain), Francesco Gabbana (Italy) and Alma (France).

The sixth party, which takes place in the final automatically, is the representative of the host country, so this year – O. Torvald from Ukraine.

The remaining 20 are elected during the two semi – finals on 9 and 11 may. So the main event was supposed to be 3. But each of the three shows will take place three times.

In the evening, the day before the live broadcasts – 8 (first semi-final), 10 (second semi-final) and may 12 (final) at 22:00 will be non-terrestrial version of the show. In the arena, on stage and in the green room, where you will seat participants, everything will be the same as during the live broadcast. Will come on the scene are the same actors with the same shows, leading Alexander skichko and Vladimir Ostapchuk will say the same joke, and the participants will answer the same questions from Timur Miroshnichenko.

These three shows will be recorded for emergency case. For example, if someone from broadcasters has been can not get a clear signal or something goes wrong in the air will put the backup version. This is done to be safe, because the Eurovision is a massive show with a huge audience worldwide.

These days will be to work with the national jury, and these points will be added to the results of the audience voting to the next day and affect the results.

The cost of tickets for these shows start from 299 UAH.

Three more shows will take place at 16:00, but at the same day as the show in live broadcasting: 9, 11 and 13 may. These shows will not differ from others, but there will not be any recording or video stream. The cost of these tickets – from 199 UAH. Daytime shows suggest to visit with children.

Well, the most anticipated, exciting and most expensive show live broadcasts. To watch Eurovision live, need to pay at least 1199 UAH. But these shows differ only in atmosphere and price. All that will happen in the arena during all three versions will be identical.

A time to Kiev, ready

Right after in Stockholm Jamal won, and thus gave Ukraine the opportunity to take the contest in 2017, a debate started between tradeville and optimistic. In social networks, anxiously discussing the cost of the competition, a long selection of the city and the many obstacles that were constantly in the way of organizers.

In the end, the contest remains less than a month and already almost all is ready.

The stage is ready on 95%. It looks impressive. It has an area of 350 square meters, height – 14 m, width is 70 m and the depth is 28 meters. Behind – 1 thousand square meters of LED screens. Located here and 50 positions for pyrotechnics, 48 fire systems and 6 units of heavy smoke.

What will happen in 2 weeks

Despite the fact that the main shows will be held over 3 days, by April 30 of Kiev will live Eurovision. On the last day of April in the Ukrainian capital will come all the contestants.

Spectators, guests will be entertained in 5 thematic areas: Postal, contract, Sophia, Trinity place in “Kyiv fortress”.

And the main fan zone – the Eurovision Village will open may 4 and will be located on Khreschatyk. Here, set second scene of the song contest after the arena in the IEC. In the Village to address the participants of the Eurovision-2017, Ukrainian artists, and will feature a variety of creative projects.

On campus contest will house 4 screens, which will broadcast both semifinals and finals and the opening ceremony and the red carpet.

For fans of the competition here waiting for from 12 until 22:00 and the day of the show – by its completion. The entrance to the fan zone will be free. Schedule of all events at the Eurovision Village will publish in early may.

In five entertainment zones will be concerts of Ukrainian artists, 3D-mapping show and cultural projects.

Kontraktova square will host the draft Feel Ukraine – “feel Ukraine”, and at the Postal square project “Eurovision: a Retrospective”.

And on 7th may – official opening of the Eurovision song contest: opening ceremony red carpet. The track, which this year will be the longest in the history of the competition – 265 meters – rastest in front of the Mariinsky Palace. At the same time it will be delegations from 12 countries. They will stop for photo shoots, give interviews and sign autographs for fans. All the action will last for two and a half hours.

Further contestants will follow to the official site of the opening ceremony of the ESC Congress and exhibition center “Parkovy”. Each delegation will raise the flag of their country on the roof of the center, and then will start the official part.

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