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European scientists have made a strange conclusion about the Universe

Европейские ученые сделали странный вывод о Вселенной The new discovery is contrary to previous theories.

Experts came to that conclusion that matter and antimatter do not have any differences, therefore, the particles and antiparticles in our Universe would have long ago consumed each other.

From the new study, experts do not know how all the universe was created. She was able to arise from the point of view of physics.

Physical science says that when the Big Bang happened different amounts of matter and antimatter. The polarity of the last particles is different from the polarity of the first elements. However, in the course of the study, experiments showed absolute symmetry, with the consequence that the universe could not exist.

Christian Smorra notes that the asymmetry is available somewhere, but finding it has not yet been obtained. When the particles collide, then there is the explosion, which released some form of energy. Why the particles are still not completely destroyed is a mystery to scientists.

Some experts such conclusions after serious thought, and not whether people live in the matrix.

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