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European citizens suffer from severe frosts

Жители Европы страдают от сильных морозовFor the week of victims Morozov in Europe were more than 25 people.

Record low temperatures continued to prevail in several European countries.

Only last week the victims of the cold in Europe were more than 25 people. Most of them are homeless.

In Serbia due to cold weather, local authorities are taking emergency measures in some areas of the country. Residents of remote settlements offered to temporarily leave the home.

Low temperatures were established on the coast of Croatia, where in the shallow marine bays even frozen water. In this regard, the coast for the first time in decades, was stopped the movement of fishing vessels.

Heavy snowfall in Greece led to the shutdown of electricity and water, and also disconnect telephone lines. It is reported that in some areas of the country, the level of snow reached two meters.

The cold also caused severe damage to the Greek camps for immigrants and refugees, where, despite the weather, thousands of people remain in overcrowded tents.

Heavy snowfalls and abnormally low temperatures have also caused massive traffic accidents, delays and cancellation of flights throughout Europe.

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