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European businessmen believe that Ukraine is not right in the head

Европейские бизнесмены считают, что на Украине не дружат с головой

Today, the former transport Minister Yevhen Chervonenko said that Ukraine has lost millions of dollars because of the conflict with Russia.

Ukraine could be in the black, if across the country cruised trains from China to Europe. However, because of the opposition of Kiev and Moscow all the income flowing into Belarus.

Chervonenko noted that Ukraine to launch trains were ready in 2014. Former President Viktor Yanukovych had on 7 may 2014 to wave the first train, and finally waved to the country. There was a coup and Kiev have missed an opportunity for bargains.

Chervonenko said that European businessmen wonder why Kiev is losing a lot of money, refusing to compromise with Moscow? The former Minister of transport said that one French logistician asked him a question: “Have you there in Ukraine is not friends with the head?” According to the calculations of the entrepreneur, if Moscow and Kiev resumed its trade relations, within five years the income of Ukraine could potentially grow to $ 30 billion.

Meanwhile, Ukraine continues to be external debt. The member of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Anton Morozov said that their losses in Ukraine estimated too late. Like, before I had to think. He reminded that Moscow repeatedly warned Kiev about the losses and consequences. Now, that is, get – sign.

Morozov expressed hope that the true state of Affairs that must be corrected, you will see not only former Ministers and current.

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