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Europe could get 16 vouchers for the extended world Cup

Европа может получить 16 путевок на расширенный чемпионат мираThe Bureau of the Council of the FIFA decided on a quota for regions after the expansion of the world Cup to 48 teams.

The Committee of the International football Federation recommends that the Council FIFA on the new format of the world Cup to represent Europe 16 trips to the final stage. Nine seats need to take teams from Africa, eight teams will represent Europe, six in North and South America, and another will speak on Oceania.

The receiving party automatically gets to the final stage, and the ticket is withdrawn from the quota of the Confederation. Thus, if the 2022 world Cup in Qatar be held in a new format that Asia would have received, not eight, and seven spots.

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The two remaining seats in the final stage of the world Cup will be played in the playoffs with the participation of six national teams. Their representatives on the additional qualifying tournament delegate all the confederations, except UEFA.

According to regulations, the two leaders of seeding automatically advance to the finals, while the remaining four teams will be divided into pairs and determine additional finalists of the tournament.

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Below the above information is received official confirmation that the recommendations emanating from the Bureau of the Council of FIFA, must be confirmed at the next meeting of the Council of the International Federation of football (may 9, in Bahrain).

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