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Eugenia Vlasova openly talked about their health

Евгения Власова откровенно рассказала о своем здоровьеThe singer’s condition has stabilized.

In November mother Eugenia Vlasova said that her daughter is already 12 days in intensive care. Now the singer’s condition has stabilized and she first told about the incident.

Eugenia Vlasova came to the emergency room with sharp pains in the abdomen. The actress was diagnosed with “adhesive intestinal obstruction”.

According to Zhenya’s mother, immediately to cope with the problem the doctors were unable. 12 days of Vlasov had four surgeries. Saved by the well-known surgeon, academician of the Piotr Fomin. About his health, the singer said during an online broadcast on his page on Instagram, writes TSN.

“How do I feel? As someone who always commanded my life, and now realizes that someone is in command of my life. I thought to lead a healthy lifestyle, drink water, smoke, walk, do not communicate with bad people… I thought, this is enough to avoid any moments in life to clear his field. I thought, that’s enough. These events, I’m sure not just happen.”

Евгения Власова откровенно рассказала о своем здоровье

Told Eugene about that ill-fated evening. The singer said that he was going to return on the Ukrainian scene.

“This evening I played sports while I was sick. Then dance and in the evening I was on the operating table. This is very unexpected. This is the second time in my life when I was ready to take off in the profession. For the first time was when I divorced. Gone mad. This is 8 years ago. And now, when they seemed to have rested from his moments going to the stage again for some test.”

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