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ESO showed tvertelecom 200 times more powerful than Hubble

ESO показало сверхтелескоп в 200 раз мощнее HubbleELT should be only one of a number of very large telescopes.

The European southern Observatory ESO has published the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) being constructed in the Atacama desert in Chile.

As reported by ESO, this tvertelecom will gather 200 times more light than Hubble space telescope. Its main light-harvesting element will be the four main mirrors of telescopes, the diameter of each of which will be 8.2 metres.

However, they will look modest compared to the 39-metre primary mirror of the VLT, according to experts. To build a solid mirror of that size with the required accuracy impossible. So it will be a complex “honeycomb” structure, made up of 798 hexagonal 1,4-meter elements.

“It was hard to find a suitable location for such facilities, says ESO. – The main factors was the low humidity, the complete lack of light pollution and high altitude. Also needed the space for the laying of a giant Foundation.”

To find natural place suitable for the construction failed. It had to be created, which was cut the top of the mountain Cerro Armazones. As a result, it was lower by 18 meters.

Add that ELT should be only one of a number of super-large telescopes that are designed to revolutionize our understanding of the Universe.

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