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Erotic in the Soviet cinema

Эротика в советском кино

Эротика в советском кино


Photo: Italian poster of the Soviet-Italian film “Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia” (“Crazy crazy race for Russia” at the Italian box office).

The old Soviet anecdote. In the club there is a lecture “On love”. Lecturer: “One of the widely known types of love – love of men and women”. A voice from the audience: “Comrade lecturer, and the slides will be?”. Lecturer: “the Slides will be late.” Lecturer, continuing: “There is also the love of a man and a man.” A voice from the audience: “Comrade lecturer, and the slides will be?”. Lecturer: “the Slides will be late.” Lecturer, continuing: “There is also the love of a woman and women”. A voice from the audience: “Comrade lecturer, and the slides when?”. Lecturer: “Comrades, the slides will be a little late.” And continuing: “Finally, there is the highest type of love – love of the Soviet man to his Soviet Homeland. And now, comrades slides!”.

Эротика в советском кино

One of the unexplained phenomena of Soviet reality – it is certainly a strange Puritanism of the Soviet Union. Today we will discuss this issue in more detail – where it came from?

No, in fact – a society that officially rejects the idea of God as the basis of morality, on the official level so scrupulous approached the question of sexual relations, against the background of the Soviet struggle for morality, perhaps even the English independents, potykavsya the head of his king, Charles I, seemed to be a bunch of Libertines.

Why the most innocent bare bottom, for example, shown through the cloudy glass bath Antonia Santilli for a couple seconds, led to the fact that in the Soviet film “Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia” received the tag of “Children under 16”, and, say, the premiere of the film in 1972 “the dawns here are quiet” on Soviet TV has led to scandal, as Soviet television and bigots cut out a scene in the bath as obscene and only official protest of the filmmakers added this scene back into the film. By the way, since this incident was discussed in the Soviet press, the Soviet audience was more interested in including through the scene in the bath.

On the photo: the Famous scene in the bath the Soviet film of 1972 “the dawns here are quiet”. Probably flashed for a split second unshaven pubis Olga Ostroumova seemed to Soviet bureaucrats-top debauchery.
Эротика в советском кино

Speaking of the bath. Despite the fact that the Communist officialdom did their best to even showing women’s bare knees were perceived as corruption in the people’s thicker went homemade strawberry. One of the most famous was attributed to the writer Alexei Tolstoy short story “In the bath” the most pornographic content. Walked hand in the form of reprints, and even handwritten lists. Went also hand made printed prefatory with some Western porn. Yes, and local craftsmen also not dermali somewhere clandestinely producing indecent pictures of naked Soviet citizens. That is, the black market offered the Soviet people, artisanal erotica, up to a full porn. But it was a criminal offense. But officially was that a few inarticulate to formulate one Soviet participant of the teleconference of the late ‘ 80s, when the topic was finally discussed – “sex in the USSR, no.”

It would be impossible to imagine on the streets of the USSR like this here the poster of the film:

Эротика в советском кино

This, by the way, the movie poster, 1972 “Fratello homo sorella bona,” which starred such a favorite with Soviet audiences after the “Italians in Russia” Anthony Santilli. Choice Ryazanov, incidentally, was quite strange, knowing the Puritanism of Soviet bureaucrats, because Anthony Santilli was filmed mostly in erotic movies. Here’s another poster of one of the films in which she starred:

Эротика в советском кино

The name speaks for itself – “Decameroticus”. However, Soviet officials hardly knew about the role of the actress who played the main female role in the Soviet-Italian film. Soviet movies like “Decameroticus” are not shown. From foreign films, which were erotic scenes, it rarely fell into the Soviet Union. The most famous film of such content, it’s probably “the people’s romance” with Ornella Muti and Michele Placido.

Frame from the movie “popular novel” (1974).
Эротика в советском кино

Needless to say that the film was immediately awarded the status of “Children under 16” and controversy stood at the entrance to the cinema to death, not letting the young crooks who dream to see the forbidden. However, some of them penetrated. My friend managed to deceive the vigilance of controversy and I personally beheld this movie. Now I understand why the meter maid, which we missed, was not as strict. Because the film was subjected to double censorship. First, of course, the official Soviet during the dubbing. The film left a very very small chunks of sex scenes. But what remained re-ottsenzurovan Soviet projectionists, who carved for themselves the stills. You can imagine how many projectionists had passed the copy of the movie “national novel”, which I watched. Because the only scene that was probably erotic, flashed for a second or two, so I managed to see only some pieces pink body. And that’s all. Bummer.

What can we say about Soviet films? After all, if the scene in the bath from the movie “the dawns here are quiet” seemed to Soviet cultural officials top corruption, where to go to the Director? How to make movies about love? So the Soviet model sex scene looked like this: the hero and heroine remain the evening together and it comes to intimacy. They go to bed – of course wearing a Jersey and shorts combination and it’s darkening. Next frame – it is morning. Well, the audience understood that between the two shots “all already was”. But to see it happen.

Of course, Soviet filmmakers, just as the Soviet audience was not averse to work with Nude models. But in the end were filming something that was more of antiheretical. Well how about this still from the film, Vladimir Menshov “Moscow does not believe in tears” (1979):

Эротика в советском кино

Is there at least one man who’d be excited looking at this shot. Which, moreover, the film flashes per second.

But this shot from the same film?

Эротика в советском кино

On the one hand is of course that sex scene. And even the heroine of Faith Alentova flashes nipple on his chest to be seen whether the case for Soviet cinema! But eroticism here, not even the minimum. It’s just a funny scene when two lovers are panicking because of what just now comes the daughter of the heroine and will see unheard of! Here, incidentally, is also a classic of Soviet life – the people met, people fell in love, and even fuck (if there where), but the surrounding had to think that the limit of their relationship – a kiss goodbye. Not to mention children.

However, Vladimir Menshov apparently originally aimed at the screening of the film in the US, so were able to defend not only the heroine’s nipple, but the nipple of her daughter that, generally speaking, the first approach to erotic stretch to call can.

Shot from a film “Moscow does not believe in tears”.
Эротика в советском кино

And again to smuggle obrazovku – if I cropped and let melkamu for a couple of seconds, the Director is forced to resort to the stage – no, in the 70’s already not the bath, but in the bathroom. Well, at appendage is even a dressing after a bath:

Эротика в советском кино

The film “Moscow does not believe in tears”, despite the fact that, in fact, all the scenes with a naked female breast in this filme I have already demonstrated, was probably the most liberated in terms of eroticism Soviet film. But in General, Soviet cinema, Soviet television and all of the Communist mass media propaganda tried this subject to avoid. It was almost a taboo subject.

In the West, starring movies type znamenitoy “Emmanuelle” (1974 release, by the way):

Эротика в советском кино

or “Greek Fig tree” (1977):

Эротика в советском кино

The Soviet people about this until the first VCRs had not even heard. And that is shown in theaters or on TV? It would be fantastic.

But countless were the movies about the highest form of love – love of the Soviet man to his Soviet Homeland.

Эротика в советском кино

But it’s all a statement. Yes, it was. It was idiocy – like so much else that was in Soviet life. But, say, prohibition to freely leave the country or prohibited the establishment of political parties, or independent media, etc. – this at least was clear from the ideological point of view. The Communists seized power in the country, established its dictatorship and banned the distribution within the country of any other views and opinions different from the official position of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee. Again, it was complete idiocy, and in General one of the main abominations of the Scoop, but at least it was understandable. But where did the official Soviet Puritanism, affecting, in particular, and Soviet cinema, or the few foreign films which were shown in the USSR? Than erotic and the sex scenes interfered with the Communist ideology? After all, the Politburo needed new workers and new soldiers. As it is, anyway, required of non-stop fucking of the Soviet people. That is, by itself, the sex could not be ideologically alien to the Communists, who, by the way, were not stupid to look under her skirt at every opportunity. So why is the show in the movie that the sex was virtually impossible for Soviet cinema, and Soviet television? The reason for such strange official shyness?

I could not understand, what is the reason. And the answer lay on the surface. After all, what happened in the Soviet Union, one way or another was connected with Lenin’s Testament. And if in Soviet cinema any bare tit was almost in the category of depravity, then, therefore, it had to be some kind of Testament of Lenin. You just have to find it. I found this Testament.

As you know, Lenin paid great attention to the movie. But not feature films – as it became customary to think in post-war Soviet Union – and primarily documentary, educational and advocacy. There are a very large number of documents, signed by Lenin. To art movies – Lenin called them “fun” – Ilyich came up to the consumer. And on this account one day, January 17, 1922, dictated a corresponding Directive. I quote her:

Directive filmmaking

The Commissariat should arrange for the observation of all members and organize this thing. All of the tapes, which are shown in the RSFSR should be registered and numbered in the people’s Commissariat for education. For each program of kinopremiya must be a proportion:

1) entertaining picture, especially for advertising and for income (of course, without obscenities and counter-revolution) and,

2) under the firm name “From the life of the peoples of all countries” – pictures especially promotional content, such as: the colonial policy of England in India, the work of the League of Nations, the starving Berlin, etc., etc..

For the first time this Directive was published on 21 January 1925 in the magazine “Movie week”,№4, p. 6. To quote once more, paragraph 1-this Directive, if someone did not pay attention to him,”pleasure paintings … of course, no obscenities and counter-revolution

And in this Leninist Directive is all about. Putting a comma “obscenities” and “counter-revolution”, Lenin actually equalized them in the eyes of their ideological descendants. That is erotic in the movies for the Soviet bureaucrats was almost on the brink of counterrevolution. And it was in the USSR Oh how terrible. Here absolute sterility of the Soviet pre-war movie. Hence the constant official control with minimal obnazhennoi on Soviet screens even in the 70s. And as we know, in the end, this struggle led to the fact that as soon as the barriers fell, domestic screens literally swept – in Soviet language – the turbid wave of dubious erotic craft. And why? And all because if a person keep on a starvation diet, then immediately after to let him eat as much as anyone, he will guzzle up to stomach cramps. And that’s what eventually happened. For that special thank you to comrade Lenin. Which, by the way, he was no fool to know, wallow in bed with Inessa Armand, while his Nadezhda thought he and his friends holds a meeting.

On this thank you.

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