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Erlingur, Thoroddsen and “eater of children”

Childhood is not only a happy time that very warm memories of every adult. Childhood is a time of irrational fears. With whom did not happen? It seems to us a monster under the bed, in a dark closet, behind the rack… And probably the worst thing what man can become is murder, abuse of a child.

The Icelander Erlingur, Thoroddsen made her film debut in the 2012 short film, “Child Eater”, which was shown at the international film festival in Reykjavik. A few years later, Thoroddsen debuted in full meter, removing the Thriller “the Seventh patient” (Patient Seven, 2016) with Michael Ironside in the role of a psychiatrist, practicing unusual methods of treatment. The film isn’t very good, but not incompetent, and for a first experience is quite acceptable. But it was only a warm-up. In 2016 year took place the premiere of the full-length version of the debut of Erlingur – “eater of children”. In the autumn of last year, this movie travels to festivals around the world. Apart from Iceland and the United States, the film managed to visit Argentina and Sweden. Russia had not yet arrived, but we have a teaser, an excerpt, a few shots and impressive poster.

For Helen, the work of a nurse is a nightmare. Because she has to look for Lucas, a scared little boy, who says he hears strange noises from the wardrobe in his bedroom…

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