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Epidemic obsession

Young at that time Danish Director Anders Rannow Klarlund after its debut “Eighteenth”, filmed in the genre of drama, suddenly shot a horror of”an Epidemic of possession”, which won several awards at prestigious festivals in Porto and Brussels. And I must say, the attention given to this seems to be the usual horror about possessing the body of a man of supernatural essence (here the Animal), well deserved. After the classic horror “the exorcist” and “omen” almost did not appear in the work in this direction, which would not use the achievement of William Friedkin and Richard Donner. And Klarlund unexpectedly joined the usual overexposed and even a mystical theme with the genre of medical disaster movie, only instead of the virus here jumps the devil from body to body as the only possibility for him to exist in our world. And the main characters, the doctors clinic, intrigued by the mysterious death of a patient in the hospital, decides to investigate the case, suspecting the epidemic, not even knowing what they will face.

Master in atmosphere, full of dramatic conflicts, ambiguous characters, none of whom is only good or only bad, this film is rare nowadays an example of a Thriller is not for the title, and meaning (thrill – the thrill, excitement). Believe me, all these feelings you will experience when you view this outstanding work, backed by good actors, which is the main star – colorful Udo Kier in the role of the mysterious Vincent, appearing unusual way intelligent-looking blond with glasses, which can be taken as a doctor and civil servant, than he enjoys, hunting down and methodically killing “infected”. Hollywood, where he recently lives and starred Udo (he owns a house in Los Angeles), largely overlooked charisma and talent, actor and lover of the great film Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who starred in Werner Herzog, WIM Wenders, Miklos, Ancho. In awe of him was Kira Muratova, and even intended to shoot, however this did not happen, and the filming of David Lynch, who, seeing how the Udo is going to step elephant (Kir then starred in the promotional video), cast directing all the junk and ran across the street, overjoyed, telling Parole how many surreal images in his mind were born at the sight of this scene. So very sad sometimes to see Parole in a pathetic episode in the “Armageddon” (that doesn’t mean I have something against one of my favorite blockbusters of the 1990s), a more substantial role in the “doomsday”, the episode “Fear.som” and other episodes of the Hollywood mainstream. And then full Parole is a big and interesting role, played with a quiet dignity of an aristocrat, is now rarely found in actors. His character, which probably would have been flat fighter against Satan, like Constantine, shoot film Hollywood, is the most ambiguous of all the characters, a fighter, a loner, part-time priest, willing to cross even by God’s commandment, if it helps to stop Satan.

“She must burn,” says Vincent for a second before death, struck by a police bullet, pushing the main character to make the hard but inevitable decision.

Rating: 7,5

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