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Epic CGI trailer Conan Exiles

Эпичный CGI-трейлере Conan ExilesConan the Exiles will be released in early access on Steam for PC on January 31.

Funcom has released a new cinematic trailer for multiplayer games with elements of survival Conan Exiles. Published video marks the imminent release of the game in early access on PC.

Release trailer Conan Exiles the authors showed the two characters in the game universe. Actors in the movie was a long-haired warrior-a man and a young girl-an outcast who was left to die on the cross together with his tribesmen in the middle of a hot desert. Barbara succeeds in time to free her: a sudden sandstorm, in addition, the smell of blood gathers a flock of bloodthirsty predators. A warrior armed with a sword, while the young warrior picks up duotris axe. Together they opposed the vile creatures, cutting them to pieces — and come out winners in an unequal battle.

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The game will be completely open world, the game mode for one or more players and a strong emphasis on the creation, development and protection of their settlements from other players. In addition, players will be able to offer sacrifices to the various gods to get control of a huge patron, capable of destroying entire settlements of the enemy.

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Game Conan the Exiles will be released in early access on Steam for PC on January 31. The developers plan to release a version for Xbox One this spring.

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