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Environmentalists portend large-scale environmental disaster in Europe

Экологи предвещают масштабную экологическую катастрофу в ЕвропеIf nothing changes, the climate in the North sea can be seriously disrupted.

The North sea over the last half-century is very hot, leading to irreparable consequences. Environmentalists felt that the sea for 45 years, warmed up by 1.67 degrees.

But researchers note that on average the oceans warmed by only 0.74 degrees. According to estimates by the year 2100 the sea may rise another 1.7-3.2 degrees. This climate change threatens to destroy the ecosystem. Jeopardizing many species that are sensitive to changes in temperature.

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So, and the North sea in particular has decreased the cod population. But the number of fish that normally live in southern waters. The North sea washes the shores of Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK.

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