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Environmental friendliness of electric vehicles was the usual myth

Экологичность электромобилей оказались обычным мифом Scientists have found that the use of electric cars more harmful than driving a conventional car.

Electric cars have long been criticized by independent researchers-ecologists, as promised natural purity of these vehicles, to put it mildly, exaggerated. The fact that electric cars use energy produced mainly by thermal and hydroelectric power plants, environmental friendliness which, without any doubt, a big question.

For example, the London company Doctor analyzed Tracking how much greenhouse gas is obtained by producing and then operating the much-vaunted world-Elon Musk of Tesla electric cars that use diesel fuel instead of gasoline and electric traction. It is the environmentally friendly Tesla cars was presented as the great achievement of modern road vehicles.

However, as the study showed, the amount of greenhouse gases produced in the production of the Tesla electric car (in particular batteries) and fuel for it exceeds the same figures for a conventional car with internal combustion engine (almost half).

It turns out that “a real breakthrough” in today’s automotive industry, which is so loudly claimed Musk, no more than a marketing ploy. No wonder that ambitious billionaires think a great marketer and publicist than scientist, although Elon has positioned itself as a specialist in ecology, space, computers, and even in the prediction of the future development of our society.

But here he writes about cars Tesla analyst Tracking the Doctor Jonathan Harris:

“Overall carbon dioxide emissions by one forklift both models of the Tesla Model S is at least half a ton, which is much higher than a petrol car. And approximately the same indicators from other manufacturers coaches, although, for example, the BMW i3 generates per year and 1.3 tons of carbon dioxide. It turns out that the much-vaunted electric cars “Tesla” the most polluting cars, even among electric vehicles, not to mention comparing them with the usual machines…”

But for cities of any electric vehicles, especially buses that run on electricity, it is still the only way not to kill the townspeople with a deadly smog, although in General, for planet Earth is not the best environmental solution…

Экологичность электромобилей оказались обычным мифом

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