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Entering a trance state: Victoria Bonya became immersed in shamanism

After the break with the civil husband Alex Servicom Victoria Bonia moved to Los Angeles. Apparently, changes in life and the scorching California sun has benefited Victoria. Now she has decided to study the ancient cults!

In the Instagram celebrity posted a video in which she is depicted along with its spiritual mentor by the name of Omar Ahmadzai. Omar is a well — known shaman, so it’s no wonder that the blonde beauty chose him for the study of the cult of spirits.

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@_theurbanshaman My dearest friend Omar. He has an amazing breath techniques and meditations. Check him out. Remember I told you about my meditation and breathing practices with the shaman?! This is it, Omar @_theurbanshaman #healer #shaman #meditation #spirit this music can be downloaded on iTunes

Publication from Victoria Bonya (@victoriabonya) May 6 2017 7:05 PDT

However, fans and haters of Victoria are wondering for what purpose she decided to take in shamanism. While bloggers are building the most fantastic assumptions, Vic prefers to keep mysterious silence.

Publication from Victoria Bonya (@victoriabonya) 3 May 2017 at 6:33 PDT

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