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Entered into force fines for the use of symbols of national police

Вступили в силу штрафы за использование символов НацполицииFor illegal use of the name and symbols of national police stipulated penalties 17-85 thousand hryvnias.

Today, may 2, in Ukraine came into force law No. 2584-VIII of fines for unjustified use of the name and symbols of the National police.

This day is considered to be illegal use of individuals and legal entities signs of belonging to the national police, and the inscription “national police” and derivative or translation in English.

The need for such a law, the Department explained that the police find the use of the name “police” on vehicles, signs, clothing, chevrons, uniform, stationery and buildings.

For illegal use of individuals names and symbols of the Channel faces a fine from 17 to 34 thousand UAH.

For similar actions of state authorities, local governments, legal entities, Popov and public organizations there is a penalty in the amount of from 34 to 51 thousand UAH.

In the case of repeated violations during one year, the penalty for individuals, 51-68 thousand UAH, for Popov and officials from 68 to 85 thousand UAH.

The law determines that the attributes belonging to the police – the symbolism of the police force, police uniform, ranks, awards, badge and official identification of a police officer.

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