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Engineers have created a crawling robot Python

Инженеры создали ползающего робота-питонаScientists have created a flexible robot-Python

In an article published by the journal Science Robotics, Elliot Hawkes (Elliot Hawkes) and his coauthors describe the crawling robot encased in 72-foot sealed enclosure.

Pumping the air and curving internal flexible rod, the robot is able to stretch up or slip into narrow passages. The sensors located in the front, helping him to maintain the correct direction of movement, and the camera allows operators to monitor the process.

“Just as the veins can spread the nutrients over its entire length, so you can imagine and an extendable robot body to be used for delivery of substances, – says one of the creators of the device Blumenstein Laura (Laura Blumenschein). And replacing the materials from which it is made, you can use such robots to “grow” support structures”. However, in the video, which scientists accompanied his article, shows even more impressive features of the robot – for example, it covers the crane located in the distance, and lifts loads up to 70 kg.

The authors see the use of the crawling robot is primarily medical. According to them, it can be used as a “smart catheter” for various procedures such as endoscopy.

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