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Energy capital: called anomalous zones of Kiev

Энергетика столицы: названы аномальные зоны КиеваIn some areas of Kiev there are anomalies.

On any terrain, there are areas which adversely affect the human body. They are called geopathogenic zones, anomalous areas, “bad” places. Such locations are full in Kiev.

It is reported by the biolocation operator Igor the Miracle.

A few years ago, Igor has created a map of tectonic faults on the territory of the capital. These irregularities in the earth’s crust, according to him, different effects on the bioenergetics of man, and there are places to be where a long time is dangerous, because it reduces the vitality of the human body. Here are the most ambitious. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Babi Yar

“The most exposure a person experiences, where there is a tectonic fault and lowering of the relief. For example, one of the most powerful geopathic zones of Kiev is the area of Babi Yar to the corner of Melnikova street and dorogozhytska streets,” – said Igor Chudo.

Note that since the founding of Kiev on this site almost never happened residential buildings. At present, there is a military cemetery and memorial complex of victims of Nazi executions.

Turkish town

Another powerful geopathic zone, according to the expert, located near the Turkish town of (mainly green area). This quiet residential area in Solomenskiy district of Kiev began to occupy 20 years ago. The building was built by the workers of the Turkish company, this area got its popular name.

Nicholas Borschagivka

Large tectonic faults recorded in the district of St. Nicholas Borschagivka, within Gnata of George St., St. Yakuba Kolasa, Gorkogo str and str Family Sosninykh. This neighborhood started to build up in the 60-70gg. of the last century. Before that, there was a village belonging to one of the monasteries.


The range within the St. lakeside, prospect Geroev Stalingrada, Obolon Quay, St. Alexander Archipenko (former ulitsa Mate Zalki). In the XIX century there were fields and pastures. In the 60s of the last century began residential development.


For the most part within the same governmental quarter: Institutskaya, Shelkovichnaya street, street.


Geopathogenic zone is located within the boundaries of the Darnytsa highway, street Channel, street Diesel, zdolbunovskaya str. In the plans of urban development the area was initially considered as the territory of the industrial zone. Here is a lake of Fever that is used as the dumping of ashes from the Darnytsia heat and power plant. The last time the land near the lake is actively being built, with some of the people who bought a house here, complain of feeling unwell.

Rusanivsky cottages

Garden-plots “Rusanovskoye gardens” in the area W/station “Troyeshchyna-2” located within a powerful tectonic fault. The array appeared in recent years. Prior to that, in this area, few have settled because it is often flooded during spring floods.

Protasov Yar

The area within Novovokzalnaya St., Lineynaya street, St. Ivan Fedorov, Nikolay Grinchenko street, St. Nikolai Amosov, St. Protasov Yar.

The area got its name from the landowner, General Protasov, bought in 1860 land here. After the construction of the railway, the array began to grow but in the 1980s, most residential buildings were demolished and in their place built a scientific research institutions, industrial facilities.

“Godforsaken” places in the apartment and in the area

Listed the location of tectonic faults and even have an impact on the human body, the level of negative impact may be very small. According to Igor Miracle much more serious local aspect, namely, geopathic zones inside the dwelling.

“Getting into the geopathic zone, the streams of “dead air” blown the life force from the body and in the man formed a kind of clearance, which does not have time during the day to recover. If day by day this is repeated, for man can be serious consequences,” – says Igor Miracle, noting that to neutralize the energy flows will not work. The best way to counter this is to detect geopathic zones and to arrange the furniture so that it does not impinge on the “bad” places.

In General, the expert advises before you buy a house, to visit the area and listen to your feelings. If you are here than don’t like it, it is better not to make a deal even if the price is attractive.

Define “nasty” place you by their appearance. For this you need to pay attention to the trees if the trunks are twisted unnaturally, most likely, before you anomalous zone. And for the human body, if it is a long time to be in such a place, it is also fraught with harmful consequences.

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