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Enchanted axe of Kratos in the new movie “God of War”

The creators of the new series “God of War”, designed to reboot the franchise and redirect its vector with Greek mythology in Norwegian, has shared a new entertaining video. In it we learn more details about the new weapon of the protagonist, the winner of gods and thunder monsters Kratos. Yes, chained his hands to the swords in the past – now the bearded man in the Arsenal is at least cool the axe of the Leviathan, which, moreover, like a boomerang returns to its owner after a well-aimed cast of the skull of the next creature.

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Recall, “God of War”-2018 will talk about how

Many years have passed since then, as Kratos took revenge on the gods of Olympus. With this burden behind him, Kratos lives with his son in the world of the Nordic gods and monsters. He must fight to survive and teach my son the same. The mentor and protector of the son who achieves respect of his father, Kratos must master his anger, being a slave to them for years. He hopes to learn his son and make amends for the past. In this world, Kratos will meet a new Pantheon of creatures, monsters and gods.

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We have already managed to appreciate the beautiful trailer and to admire the arts to text game. Well, you can play no earlier than April 20, 2018.

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