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Employees of the savings Bank bottom cryptocurrency on the job

At the end of last year, Sberbank bought a very large number of powerful graphics cards supposedly for its artificial intelligence lab. It sounded convincing enough on the background of the mining boom, plus it was the reason for the shortage of cards, and today, the truth surfaced.

As it turned out, the purchased cards were used by employees of the savings Bank with the purpose of mining cryptocurrency what said German Gref. Of course, he did not specify the names of those who had used his position for personal gain. It was also stressed that mining was carried out in secret, and that the savings Bank is not officially engaged in such financial activities.

In General, g-n Gref has noticed that the Bank with a green logo bought graphics card is not fully suitable for mining, illegal miners, most likely, will be a very exciting adventure to find a new job during the economic crisis. German Gref officially does not recommend the Russians to contact the cryptocurrency because of the instability of its course, and we, in turn, will add that soon in the country will have a law making any action to the crypt exorbitant taxes. So all miners are encouraged to move to Belarus, where taxes on the crypt cancelled until 2023.

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