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Employees Crytek again sitting for months without wages

Сотрудники Crytek снова месяцами сидят без зарплатыTrying to escape from bankruptcy, the management arranged a global reorganization.

Two years ago Crytek had experienced a difficult period that threatened to bring the company to closure. Trying to escape from bankruptcy, the management has arranged global restructuring, sold off some assets (for example, Homefront: The Revolution) and even delayed salaries. Then the position of the firm seems to have recovered, largely due to the deal with Amazon Corporation, which has conceived its own engine based on CryEngine 3.

During this time, the creators of Crysis and Ryse, planning to go in fritupleynaya sector, has released two video games for a virtual reality simulator climber The Climb Oculus and sci-Fi adventure with dinosaurs Robinson: The Journey for PlayStation VR. However, the flow of Finance, probably, again it was dry.

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Desperate employees are the main Crytek Studio in Frankfurt again began to complain in social networks that employer for two months without paying them a salary, but in the previous six months was constantly detained the salary of two to four weeks without explanation. So people who moved for work from other countries, can’t even buy a ticket home.

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Moreover, poor the strain that the management of the company keeps them in the dark for months promising that the situation will soon be resolved. And they say that money troubles befell the remaining six units Crytek. Whereas, according to rumors, who founded the firm, brothers Cevat Yerli (Cevat Yerli), Avni Yerli (Avni Yerli) and Faruk Yerli (Faruk Yerli) actually going to sell the Bulgarian Studio Crytek Black Sea, responsible for the MOBA Arena of Fate, which, by the way, for a long time nothing was heard.

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