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Emma stone has reunited with former boyfriend

Эмма Стоун возобновила отношения с бывшим бойфрендомThe American actress decided to give the former a second chance.

Emma stone and Andrew Garfield after the break managed to maintain friendly relations, and, it seems, before fans of the pair loomed the prospect again to see the stars together – at least, according to the source the newspaper the Sun, who claims that a romantic relationship between the actors resumed.

28-year-old Emma stone and 33-year-old Andrew Garfield finally broke up two years ago, but, like many other former star couple, has repeatedly stressed that it continued to remain friends. However, according to a source The Sun, “feelings, Andrew to Emma never cooled, and now become stronger. They were seen holding hands when they left the building through the back door.”

Where the paparazzi managed to see Emma and Andrew together, if the stone is now in new York and without a break working on the set of her new show “the Monster” remains a mystery.

Recall the first time Emma stone and Andrew Garfield began Dating in 2010 after working together on the set of “New spider-Man”. The final gap of the pair occurred in 2015.

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