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Emirates flight attendant poured wine from unfinished bottles

Стюардесса Emirates сливала вино с недопитых бутылокThe violators were caught red-handed during a routine flight.

A traveler from Russia, flying first class Emirates flight, after landing at Dubai airport took the flight attendant who poured champagne back in the bottle. The video he posted in his instagram.

It should be noted that Emirates flights offer passengers champagne Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial, a bottle of which costs about $ 80.
The passenger wrote a complaint to the airline, asking to explain the actions of the flight attendants.

The airline already explained in connection with the incident. “Emirates is always striving to provide services of the highest quality. The actions recorded in the video, do not meet our service standards”, – said the representative of the company.

Internet users were shocked by what they saw, because the cost of flying in Emirates is relatively high, and business class tickets are very expensive. One of them told me that this airline has a special highly-paid specialist, who monitors the quality of the products.

Some protect flight attendants, saying that it was the glasses of champagne, which no one touched. Others have said it will not be more to drink on Board Emirates

It should be noted that the airline Emirates in 2016, led the ranking of airlines in World Airline Awards 2016, providing the highest level of comfort for passengers.

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