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Emergency van with driver in Kiev: new details

ЧП с микроавтобусом в Киеве: новые подробностиThe flames on the beads were transferred with the driver.

Became known the details of ignition of the minibus in Kiev.

At the scene police found a bottle of charred cloth and a bucket.

Recall the night to the Pechersk police Department received a report of a fire on the street of Darwin.

The police asked the man, who explained that a few months ago by attorney gave my car to my friend, who is engaged in transportation. Recently, however, in a telephone conversation he said that a minibus was burned down, and he is in the hospital.

The police found that the victim – the inhabitant of Kiev, which received the order for transportation. Waiting for passengers from Kiev decided to shift the personal belongings in the trunk. From the rear of the car, he felt like he had been splashed by liquid, then burst into flame. The car burned to the affected with burns was taken to the hospital.

Now the police establishes the circumstances of the ignition of the car.

Material evidences are withdrawn and directed on examination.

The event information is registered in the Magazine of the uniform accounting of statements and messages of the Pechersk police Department. The issue of opening of criminal proceedings and provide legal training events.

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