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Elon musk was allowed to engage in adventurous project

Илону Маску разрешили заняться авантюрным проектомScientists led by the Americans try to build a fancy tunnel.

The Boring Company received permission from the authorities of the city of Hawthorne (California) for laying test of a three-kilometer tunnel.

It will be located near the possessions of SpaceX at a depth of about 13 meters. About it reports The Verge.

In December 2016 Musk via Twitter announced the intention to engage in tunnelling and announced the creation of The Boring Company. “Traffic drives me crazy, going to build the tunnel boring machine and start digging.” In February 2017, the company began to dig a test pit with dimensions of 15×9×4.6 meters on the territory of SpaceX in Hawthorne. For testing I decided to choose the possession SpaceX because this case did not require permission from the authorities. At the same time Musk has talked about his vision of the objectives of the project: involves the construction of a multilevel network of tunnels that will move cars and high-speed trains. Later, the owner showed the concept of transport tunnels.

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It is expected that the car will travel in the tunnels with the help of trucks, which simultaneously will serve as elevators for transportation of cars to the surface. The tunnels will not speed limits, so the truck can accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour.

In the spring of 2017, The Company acquired Boring of the tunnel boring machine and delivered it into the possession of SpaceX. According to the Mask, his plan was to conduct tests and further improvement of technique. In may, Musk said that the first tunnel will run from Los Angeles to its suburb of CULVER city, and then in other suburbs of Santa Monica, Westwood, Sherman oaks. In June the businessman held a “promising meeting” with the mayor of Los Angeles Eric garcetti on the issue of the tunnel lining. Details it is not reported. And in July, the entrepreneur said on Twitter that the tunnel-boring machine completed the tunnelling of the first section in Los Angeles.

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On 24 August it became known that the government of Hawthorne voted (four to one) for a permit for the construction of a test tunnel for electric cars. He will start West of the site of SpaceX. After the tests, the city government reserved the right to demand that The Boring Company was filling up the tunnel. Senior Director of construction SpaceX Brett Horton (Brett Horton) has assured the authorities that the residents of the street, which will be the construction of the tunnel will not see anything, or hear “won’t even know we’re here.”

Previously, Musk announced the receipt of “oral approval” for construction between new York and Washington of the tunnel for the Hyperloop. According to a person from an environment of the businessman, one of the companies implementing the project.

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