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Elon Musk has warned the UN about killer robots

Илон Маск предупредил ООН насчет роботов-убийцFamous inventor sent the organization an official letter.

The group of experts headed by the head of Tesla Musk has sent to the UN open letter with a call to ban the use of killer robots in war.

In the letter, Musk and 116 specialists from 26 countries urged the world to ban Autonomous weapons, justifying reverse the beginning of “third age wars.” In particular they say about drones and automated tanks and machine guns.

After the development, lethal Autonomous weapons will make armed conflicts more and faster than ever. New types of weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists or dictators and hackers who will use it for invalid purposes
– warn experts.

Scientists have noted that time humanity has very little “after the opening of Pandora’s box to close it will be hard.” In the letter, the experts also warned the world from the arms race that is already underway.

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