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Elon Musk has proposed to rename the rocket BFR

Илон Маск предложил переименовать ракету BFRNow it will be called “Star ship”.

Elon Musk in his blog announced the new name for the ship, formerly known as a BFR. The rocket will be called the Starship.

Besides renaming, Big Fucking Rocket wait and some technical changes.

“Rename BFR in a “Star ship”. Technically there are two parts: a starship is a spacecraft/upper stage and heavy launch vehicle, rocket boosters, needed to overcome the considerable force of attraction of the Earth,” wrote Elon Musk in his blog.

Musk also noted that the company SpaceX has abandoned the idea of finalizing the second stage of the rocket Falcon-9 for its re-use.

“By the way, SpaceX will upgrade the second stage of the Falcon 9 for reuse. Instead, pick up the pace with BFR. The new design is very impressive!”, – I wrote to Elon Musk.

The company is preparing to begin flight testing of the spacecraft at the end of 2019 the construction of the SpaceX spaceport in South Texas.

BFR (Big Falcon Rocket or Big Fucking Rocket) – draft launch vehicle and spacecraft of the new generation from SpaceX. The project also involves the creation of ground infrastructure for launch and re-use of the system and “fuel depot” for refueling in low earth orbit. BFR is much more mass and size than existing rockets SpaceX, and let orbit more than 100 tons of cargo.

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