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Elon Musk called the Hyperloop launch date

Илон Маск назвал дату запуска Hyperloop Unusual transport will start to work less than two months.

Not so long ago appeared the news that Elon Musk was suspended from the post of head of Tesla. However, as it turned out, the developers are not going to take the opportunity of unscheduled rest. He noted that we are approaching the launch of high-speed tunnel, which is scheduled for December 10.

Recall that the first experimental line was built in the United States of America. During the event, the first passengers will be able to use innovative underground transport for free. However, while it still remains unclear whether it is intended for transportation of people, or on transportation vehicles, as previously reported.

The project is called the Hyperloop. Its feature is the use of special sealed tunnel, and due to the presence of low pressure within it the train will move at speeds up to 400 kilometers per hour. Besides, earlier it was reported that a new project Mask will be a underground platform, which will descend to the cars, and move with it at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Thus, it greatly relieve the road in big cities and at junctions with high traffic.

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