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Elon Musk asks to ban killer robots

Илон Маск просит запретить роботов-убийцA group of 116 professionals urged to prevent the spread of Autonomous lethal weapons.

The authors of the letter called lethal Autonomous system “morally wrong”. The appeal says that they should be equated with “inhuman” weapons. According to experts, the development of this sector will lead to a “third revolution”, comparable with the creation of gunpowder and nuclear weapons.

The letter was sent ahead of the official UN discussion of the use of drones, unmanned tanks and machine guns. It was to be held on Monday, August 21, but was postponed.

“The invention of lethal Autonomous weapons will increase the scale of armed conflict in an unprecedented fashion, which people can’t imagine. It can become a weapon of terror, used by dictators and terrorists against civilians,” the letter reads.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk is not the first time claims about the dangers of artificial intelligence. So, speaking at a meeting of the National governors Association (USA) in July of 2017, he said that “AI is a major threat faced by human civilization”.

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