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Elizaveta Boyarskaya for the New year will turn into a Baba Yaga

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On the eve of New year everyone is in a hurry to buy family and friends gifts and consider how and where you will spend a fabulous night. But Elizaveta Boyarskaya Christams and new year weeks will be… workers.

According to the actress, in this period, it will have a lot of plays, “Will Shakespeare, “a Christmas tree” in the theater and in “the Christmas adventure of Masha and Viti”, where they play Baba Yaga directly during the Christmas holidays. Therefore, the only output I get 1 January.”

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Busy schedule the actress did not care, because this happens in her first year. And here the New year Lisa will be celebrating at home with her husband Maxim Matveev and his son. “Perhaps, with friends and with my husband somewhere to go for a walk after we put the baby to sleep. We greet the New year with the family, sometimes we invite friends of the parents. This year, will join several other families of my friends,” — said Elizabeth

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Boyarsky also admitted that honors the tradition of celebrating the new year at home: “Everything is quite traditional, at the big table with all known set of dishes: Russian salad, dressed herring, tangerines, champagne and so on. Already lasts many years. All about the same, but I love this tradition, and not want anything to change. It seems to me that the New year is the family holiday, and he must pass this way.”

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In addition to numerous performances, Liza Boyarskaya will take part in the Christmas readings. For the first time in the framework of the joint project of the multifunctional complex “Kuntsevo Plaza” and the lecture hall “Direct Speech” in Moscow will be organized the lecture hall with Christmas decorations and a cozy area for the little ones.

Children and their parents can listen to 18 Dec, at 15:00 the tale “Cinderella” and “12 months” performed by Nikolay Drozdov, 25 December at 13:00 Liza Boyarskaya read “Deniska’s stories”. And after the New year, January 6 at 13:00 everyone will be able to come to “the adventures Agency” from the actor Sergei Belogolovtsev (free entry).

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