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Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner caught the murderers in the trailer for “Windy river”

What do Hawkeye and the scarlet witch, if not save the world with the rest of the Avengers? They catch the murderers of an Indian girl in the snowy wilderness. Star kynoselen Marvel superhero , Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen starred in the psychological crime Thriller “Windy river” (Wind River). The project meets Taylor Sheridan, who took over the functions of the Director and screenwriter. Previously, he noted the horror “Vile”and scripts “Killer” Denis Villeneuve and modern Western David Mackenzie “at Any price”. Over the last Sheridan was even nominated for “Oscar”. “Windy river” invites the viewer into the cold harsh land where the murder occurred.

Aspiring FBI agent that is not familiar with the local conditions and customs, asks the hunter from the Department of fish and game to help catch the killers of a girl from the reservation.

Our paws hit the trailer, which premiered at the Sundance film festival in January this year and which was shown in Cannes. It looks it is very good. There is reason to believe that the movie will turn out to be tense and atmospheric. Remote the area, the corpse stuffed in the closet skeletons, and the two opposites are on the trail of murderers. Beauty. But it is still an adult R-rated promise.

The company Renner (“the Town”, “Arrival”) and the Olsen (“Red lights”, a remake of “Oldboy”) made John Bernthal (“the Walking dead”, upcoming “the Punisher”), Graham Greene (“the Green mile”), Martin Sensmeier (“the Magnificent seven”), Julia Jones (twilight Saga) and others. Release date in wide release named 4 August 2017.

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