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“Elite” cells in the prisons of Honduras. Photo

 «Элитные» камеры в тюрьмах Гондураса. ФотоThere were serving sentences of the known members of gangs.

Recently, the authorities of Honduras held a mass relocation of members of well-known criminal gangs to the prison of strict regime. Shocked media published pictures of abandoned criminals cameras: they are similar to regular places of detention — rather reminiscent of a cozy little apartment. View the conditions in which happily lived members of known gangs.

 «Элитные» камеры в тюрьмах Гондураса. Фото

Last week, the 773 prisoners transferred from the old overcrowded prison in San Pedro Sula in the town of Tamara, near Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, in the new prison at El Pozo 2 in the town of La Tova, in the Department of El paraíso. Abandoned inmates of the room can hardly be called a camera… How do you like the plasma 52 inch?

 «Элитные» камеры в тюрьмах Гондураса. Фото

Here’s a prison comfort has created a members of the famous gang M-13.

 «Элитные» камеры в тюрьмах Гондураса. Фото

Were the furniture and all necessary appliances: air conditioning, blender, coffee machine, refrigerator with food, and more.

 «Элитные» камеры в тюрьмах Гондураса. Фото

In her spare time the prisoners have staged tournaments for video games — for example, playing FIFA and GTA.

 «Элитные» камеры в тюрьмах Гондураса. Фото

In prison were specially equipped room for meetings: with a large mirror, dim lighting and a huge bed. This room was called the “Kama Sutra”. In after hours, the prisoners here were the intimate encounters with their wives and girlfriends. But to use this rest room could only the most privileged members of gangs.

 «Элитные» камеры в тюрьмах Гондураса. Фото

All the prisoners of this prison — members of known criminal gangs in Honduras, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Barrio 18, competing. The transportation of prisoners was accompanied by police officers under the leadership of the President of Honduras Juan Orlando. Photo: the mirror in a frame in the form of figures 18 (a sign of gang Barrio 18) and portraits of the deceased leaders of the group.

 «Элитные» камеры в тюрьмах Гондураса. Фото

The crime rate in Honduras is the highest among the countries of Central America. More than 17 thousand persons are in the 30 Honduran prisons, where there are often riots and escapes, and prisoners live by their own rules.

After transfer to a new prison the sweet life for prisoners will end (at least at the time). President of Honduras Juan Orlando in this regard, said: “We will continue to prevent the prisons became centres of the organization and preparation of all kinds of criminal acts. The transfer of those who are detained in San Pedro Sula, shows the birth of a new reality”.

 «Элитные» камеры в тюрьмах Гондураса. Фото

MS-13 is one of the oldest Hispanic gangs, its population is more than 20 thousand people. She appeared in Los Angeles two decades ago when in the States is massively flooded immigrants from El Salvador, where a violent civil war that claimed the lives of 100 thousand people. Now MS-13 — a world renowned group with a complex branched structure. She is involved in different types of criminal business, its soldiers are distinguished by extreme cruelty and trying every way to intimidate enemies or the authorities. A distinctive feature of the gang MS-13: the torture and murder they often use a machete.

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