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Elisabeth Shue in the first teaser of the series “the Boys”

Find the first video dedicated to the upcoming superhero series The Boys. The basis of the show based on the eponymous hooligan comic strip authored by writer Garth Ennis (“Preacher”, “Constantine”) and artist of Deric Robertson (“Transmetropolitan”), and viewers should expect a non-standard approach to the topic. Music, Smoking drugs and having sex.

In the debut teaser it’s pretty modestly, no you’re 18+. But here is Elisabeth Shue (“hollow man”, “Piranha 3D”), who plays Madeline Stillwell, a big shot in the Vought Corporation, which controls the superheroes. Or trying to do it.

Recall synopsis:

The action series is set in a world where there are superheroes. They are the real stars. They all know and love. But behind the perfect facade lurks a much darker world of drugs and sex, and most of the characters — life is not the most pleasant people. To control the superheroes, the CIA created a special unit, informally known as “the Boys”, the harsh whose members are always ready to put the arrogant hero in the most cruel way.

The show-run the series stands Eric Kripke, Creator of “Supernatural.” Also in the case of the authors of the TV version of “the Preacher,” Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen.

In the cast in addition to Shu involved Karl urban (“Judge Dredd 3D”), Jennifer Esposito (“don’t say a word”), Jack Quaid (“the Hunger games”), Simon Pegg (“Zombie by the name of Sean”), Las Alonso (“the Mysteries of Laura”), Colby Minifie (“Jessica Jones”), Shaun Benson (“Null channel”), Jess Salgueiro (“orphan black”), Brittany Allen (“this sand is red”), Chace Crawford (“Gossip girl”) and others.

The series premiere will be on Amazon Prime in 2019.

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